2006 Federal Budget In Brief

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It just occurred to me that although I mentioned earlier about the GST Relief and the UCCB Relief .. you might just want to pop on down and read about the proposed items mentioned in greater detail ….

The Budget In Brief 2006

Budget 2006: Focusing on Priorities (Finance Canada)

According the CRA Website..

A number of changes to federal-government tax and benefit programs administered by the Canada Revenue Agency were announced in Budget 2006 on May 2. The Budget documents are available on the Finance Canada Web site.

Convention dictates that tax proposals take effect on the dates announced by the Minister of Finance in a Ways and Means motion. This means that the Canada Revenue Agency applies the measures on the dates announced by the government, even if necessary enabling legislation has not been passed on the date of implementation. If for any reason the Budget measures are not approved by Parliament, the Canada Revenue Agency makes any necessary adjustments to ensure that the correct taxes are collected.

The Canada Revenue Agency is working closely with the Department of Finance to ensure that taxpayers will have the information and updated forms they will need to comply with and benefit from the Budget measures.


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