19+!! Beware of these spam Canada Revenue Agency fraud calls

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Earlier, I got a spam threatening phone call of arresting. In which they mentioned, I did a tax fraud and Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) filed an lawsuit against my name. If I will be unable to pay my pending tax debt than RCMP gonna come to my home to arrest me in hour-and-a-half.

So, I call them back with different name and had some fun. Enjoy the videos and beware of these frauds and spams. Moreover, In this video I tried to get as much information I could. Sorry folks, I talked with him in Hindi and Punjabi in the end where he provided some information about his company and their work. That spam caller said he is new in this company so he is just earnning 2000 CAD monthly and their company’s monthly profit is around 400000-500000 CAD. Everyday they make fool of atleast 4-5 Canadian people. Sometimes, they just got 100000 CAD from one person.

Again guys just beware of these kind of spam calls. CRA never calls you like this. They always send you a written message by mail or on your e-mail.


Nader Nade says:

But he is Indian speak with him Sam language

stevie9lives says:

I love watching guys mess with these scum.

Dan s says:

RCMP with an ugly, fat Indian cop with a stick as weapon will come to your home. You guys are great. These fucks have stolen $2,500 from my Father who is 82 yrs old. Please continue with these calls. I thank you.

Ismail Ali says:

Good blow up.

Monica Gee says:

scammers everywhere i get calls everyday. please subscribe to my channel & i will do the same

James Shelton says:

Really good funny video thanks so much for sharing!

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