16×9 – Tax Man: Epic fight against Canada Revenue Agency

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[May 17, 2009] It was a million-dollar mistake that turned in to a 13-year battle. A British Columbia man lost almost everything in a tax tiff with the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA admits they were wrong, but now refuses to repay his money. 16:9 brings you the incredible story of how Irvin Leroux took on the taxman.


LouieVittonVII says:

30 views? The Goverment could turn this nation into a communist country overnight and the people of Canada would still go on about their business as if nothing happend. This is disgusting, they destroyed a mans life. 13 years and he still hasent even recived an apology, I have no more hope for this country, Criminals are able to launder their money and manipulate the CRA & live better lives than Law abiding hard working citizens get F*#&%* by the Government, GUESS I’LL START MY CRIMINAL CAREER!

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