1187 Emails Per Day – OK – Time for Plan Two

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Last Thursday, July 18, 2007 .. I received 1187 emails.

Now that I’m taking my laptop to the beach, and accessing email using EVDO internet access, I don’t think I need to be wasting time and access downloading all of these emails .. so, I’ve decided to have a new plan for my emails – in case it is using up my 500 MB download limit with EVDO access.

* THE OLD PLAN: It was simple, I had only a few good domains that I wanted to use and many specific names for each one .. all my emails were @PetLvr (dot) com .. @PapillonLvr (dot) com .. or @1800HART (dot) com. I would have info@ hart@ hbs@ sales@ blogger@ affiliate@ and about a hundred other unique email prefixes. Everything was just forwarded to my main email addresses.

* THE EXISTING PLAN: When I moved servers June 8, 2007 and had to recreate all of these emails .. I decided to just create new emails for every domain .. starting with hart@. No more forwarding emails. But, I was subscribed to a few things that had h@ or info@ and I didn’t want to create new emails for every one, because when you have almost 50 domains checking emails every 2 minutes, it can hang up the computer periodically, if receiving attachment. So, I just kept one email on every domain .. hart@ .. and then did a catch-all for all other prefixes. That means, that if you send an email with a prefix of polarbear@ or idiot@ or pdfjopwejfopwjef@ .. I would get it. It has also increased my spam daily emails by at least 200 extra emails per day.

* THE NEW PLAN: .. I have disabled the catch-all for emails. From now one there will be only one way to get ahold of me by email .. using hart@ [domain] .. ALL OTHER EMAIL ADDRESSES will now be rejected.

I would like to see what my daily emails look like next month! in the meantime, if you don’t have a Spamnix Add-On program like I have for my Eudora … and filters .. it would be such a time waster. Maybe only 50 per day are actual emails that I read and are not spam.

So if you need to contact me .. please use ..

hart (at) 1800hart (dot) com


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