11:33pm – The Story Of My Life

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June 15th was the final deadline for filing self-employed individuals’ tax returns (and their spouses) to be considered as filed on time without penalty. Because the 15th fell on a Sunday, Canada Revenue Agency rolls the deadline forward to the next business day .. which was June 16, 2008 at Midnight. G.S.T. returns for self-employed individuals, who file annually, were also due.

So … I arrive in front of the Canada Revenue Drop Box at 11:33pm with three envelopes filled with client stuff to file ….and …

And The Story Is That I’ve Been Doing This A Lot

I need rest … I need sleep .. I still have lots of work to do, and the next deadline is June 30th. I have a lot of corporation clients to focus my energy on – but, I am drained of energy. Without the adrenalin, and the Rockstar Energy drinks, and even the caffeine wake up pills, or a pot or two of coffee .. it’s really hard to get back into the production work mode ethic. Even now – later this week – I have an opportunity to catch up or get current .. but, if my mind is mush – how do I accomplish that?

I think I will call in sick tomorrow! As stubborn as my boss is – (me) – I don’t think he will mind too much if I take a sick day tomorrow!

I need to reboot.


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