10 Frequently Asked Estate Planning Questions – And Answers

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In this post we address ten frequently asked estate planning questions. When the questions are state-specific, I’ll be giving the fast, anti-blabber, Louisiana answer. The following are the questions addressed in the video:

1. What is difference between a will and a trust?
2. What happens if I die without a will?
3. Do I need a power of attorney?
4. Do I need an estate plan if I’m not rich?
5. Does my will control my retirement accounts?
6. How do I protect my estate if I go into nursing home?
7. What’s the death tax?
8. How do I keep my child’s spouse from getting my money?
9. How do I keep from being on life support if I’m a vegetable?
10. How can I keep someone from contesting my estate plan?

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PaulS says:

I have really been enjoying your videos. One thing I don't know if you've covered…. what if you have beneficiaries listed on a bank account and you move that account into a living trust and the trust specifies different beneficiaries? thanks

Cristian Reynoso-Betancourt says:

Thank you very much for this video!. I live in Washington DC and I have an important question: My partner passed away last September 11. He made a Will and I am his main Beneficiary. The Executor of the Will lives in the Estate of Ohio. I have read that the entire process takes between three months and eleven months. My question is that does the Executor of the Will need to appear in the probate court in Washington DC? Thank you!

ann keany says:

Ok we have learned so much from your videos. We all thank you.

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