1-800-HART Tag Cloud Added

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Since I’ve upgraded to the latest wordpress version 2.1 (which apparently isn’t the latest, as now there is a version 2.1.1 out) .. I am sick and tired of the way that they combined all of my LINKS with my CATEGORIES and now call them BOOKMARKS or BLOGROLL. I’ve got a lot of links (you can click the link on top of my header graphic or in my Page section) but I’ve also got a lot of categories.

As such, it began to become an eyesore looking at these two combined features into one under my Categories section in my sidebar .. so I’ve deleted that section!

Instead, I have created a new tagcloud, which will act as my net categories section. If you want to see all posts under “stuff for the taking” .. just click that link. There is a slight color and size differential to visually display the weightedness of the amount of posts within each tagged category. For instance, smaller tag links will have lessor posts. I could have made them really small or really large, and with different bright colors, but I hope this is readable and improves the readability factor for those surfing this site!

Of course, if you like surfing .. have you tried surfing this site .. using the button that says surf the HART way? Just click the button at the top right in the sidebar and test it out.


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