1-800-HART “POLL” Added to SideBar

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It seems like “Poll”s are quite popular around the internet and blogging community, so with the wordpress plugin called Democracy I have added 1-800-HART polls in the sidebar today.

I was going to ask everybody how the year 2005 went for you … being that I am an accountant and we generally tend to focus on past results … but I think I want to know how everybody feels about 2006 …

1-800-HART “POLL” Number 2006-#1


I’ve left this poll for you to be able to add your own answers to this poll, if you think my initial 12 answers are not enough to classify your prediction for 2006 for yourself. Please note that my niece reads this blog too – so, keep it clean!

Depending on the results of this poll … if there shows an interest in these polls – I will try to post a new one at the beginning of every month. Feel free to suggest POLL topics in the comments of this entry.

Take care.

PS: Heads up on this plugin from The Blog Herald


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