1-800-GOOGLE ? Sounds Like a Good Idea To Me! (and they don’t compete with 1-800-HART :D)

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Heads up from: Curtiss Thompson over at 901am

Google Labs has launched their latest experiment; Google Voice Local Search. This is a free automated phone service that allows you to search for local businesses.


I’m young and have never needed to use the “Yellow Pages” because of the convenience of the Internet and Google’s services, now with the addition of Google Voice Local Search I’ll never be without that convenience. Google-411 is like having the Yellow Pages with you wherever you go.

To try out this service for yourself just dial 1.800.GOOG.411 (1.800.466.4411).

MORE: 901am

I’m the same way, although I actually *HAVE* used the yellow pages here in my home office .. I rarely do – and, my copy is the 2005 version right now.

What I use here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada .. is:

http://Canada411.ca >> for both personal and businesses


http://yellowpages.ca/ >> for businesses

but usually

>> I just do a google search by phone number or name and 9 out of 10 times .. I find what I am looking for.


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