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1-800-ASK HART // A Reader Writes …

I was wondering where you received the picture of the Provencher Bridge with lightening from?
Its beautiful!

By Eric on 10.24.06 7:55 am

Thanks Eric.

I added the picture in November 2005 to the top of this blog when I upgraded my blog…. SEE HERE .. although the picture first appeared in my blog back in September 2005 .. if you are looking for a clean picture without any modifications that I did in Adobe Photoshop 7 to add my likeness with the green hair and my blog’s TagLine….


3) The header picture is from an unknown Email FWD of Provencher Bridge during an Electrical Thunderstorm in Winnipeg, Manitoba – supposedly in 2005. There is a Salisbury House Restaurant beneath those lights on the left

4) The picture in the header with the green hair was my first attempt at doctoring my 1996 Passport picture, with a suit and some fancy green hair

5) The Picture in the right sidebar is my 1996 passport photo


I tried to at great lengths to find out where this picture originated, so I can attribute or give credit to the source in my footer. If anybody knows who took the originating photo .. please let me know! In the meantime, I keep the description in my “ALT=” section of the MastHead in hopes that someone from Winnipeg might recognize the photo and pass along a tip or get in touch with me.

It’s a great photo!


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