छोटे निवेश से बड़ा मुनाफा | Financial Planning Tips | Get Rich With Aashka | CNBC Awaaz

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On Get Rich With Aashka, we will help Raghuveer with his financial planning and help him out with his emergency fund, life insurance, investment tips and financial planning for his goals.

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Ali Shah says:

She follow dave ramsey 7 baby steps

gjb gj says:

bhen ki lodi ab tumhaara bas ek baal katwana hi baaki rah taya tha !!!

Gurmeet Singh says:

She is a TV actress, not a financial advisor. I don't like the way she talks to people. She doesn't know anything about financial planning.

Ravi Kumar says:

Madam 12% returns koinsa fund deta hain.

laughter club says:

Mam 5000 in 25 years me 12percent par 1cr kaise banega

kamal kumar says:

Good job… topic is very good…

Bhargav Solanki says:

My salary is 15000 and live with father mother sister and wife how to saving

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