Yoshi v. The Internal Revenue Service

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The IRS is coming for him

Can yoshi defend himself?

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KusKusPL says:

I will never get bored of tax fraud memes.

Bilge [pronounced bilge] says:

10 anarcho-capitalists disliked this video

Rocket Propelled Mexican says:


Strontiummuffin says:

I am at 99% completion on spirits can anyone tell me where I find this spirit Battle?

DevinY1 says:

A nicely trained Yoshi amiibo could probably beat them all.

November Skull says:

ladies and gentlemen
we got him

ishaboi says:

I would like 10 IRS amiibo please

Wizeck says:

Why the IRS look like 30 year old boomers?

flclfool says:

What does he do for a living? Where the fuck do he even live?

Andres Ruiz says:

Crime doesn't pay

Optimistic Charizard says:

Only a true criminal would spam Yoshi down air

Stefan Mayer says:

Fuck you Yoshi, I work hard to pay my taxes. Fucking tax evading scum.

no0 says:

ah, so akira is an accomplice? this adds a lot to the court case.

UnusuallyLargeCrab says:

I trusted this worthless lizard and he did us like this

Nacirema says:

Yoshi did nothing wrong.

squidinator says:


Adam Labelle says:

Why are they not all level 9? Can't beat the IRS… Let alone 7 of them

Rabid Meese says:

Unrealistic Yoshi's been kicking the irs's ass for years

Wonder says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Gottem!

GrilledChez City says:

Dang dude use a smash attack every now and then

Aaron Garcia says:

Always pay your taxes, guys.

HyperDarkmoon says:

Word up, Yoshisaur Munchakoopas is my name

and I'ma tell you how I beat the IRS at their own game

I lied on my tax forms cause I just don't give a fuck

now I'm practically swimming around in big bucks

I got 12 million dollars in my attic undeclared

and I got another million more right under my stairs

I do my business deals under cover of the night

so I can hide the cash away from Uncle Sam without a fight

I take advantage of every loophole, even ones that don't apply

it's been 20 years, still haven't been caught in a lie

I claimed Baby Mario as a dependent, though he ain't my kid

and made up charity work I never even did

I must have cheated on my tax forms at least a hundred times

so many clever tricks I can't fit 'em all into rhymes

Yoshi is my name, money laundering is my game

and commiting tax fraud is worth every single dime

I'm a tax dodging badass, I don't play by the rules

I make the government look like a bunch of damn fools

I keep 99 cents of every dollar that I make

nothing makes me cum faster than a good old tax break

I hate paying taxes, if there's anything I hate

I supported Ron Paul back in 2008

You might think it's unfair that I don't have to pay

but it's okay because taxation is theft anyway

Word to your mother

Peace out, yo

yautja lesbian says:

hm. me pengy

Antoniomanno says:

Can't believe he died

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