Xero vs QuickBooks Online 2019

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Xero vs QuickBooks Online 2019:
Tackling small business accounting sounds impossible, right?
How can accounting and easy go in the same sentence?

In this video, we’re going to make it easy for you to choose between the two biggest names in accounting. We’re putting Xero and QuickBooks Online head to head in the battle for the best accounting software. We’ve done the hard work for you, including hours of research and testing each software, and spoiler alert, there’s a clear winner for small businesses. Let’s take a look.

*Note: While QBO has increased pricing for 2 of their monthly plans (Essentials now $40/month and Plus now $70/month) it does not affect the overall comparison in this video.

Content overview: 0:38′
Accounting: 1:24′
Features: 1:45′
Pricing: 2:10′
Ease of Use: 5:46′
Customer Support & Reviews: 6:04′
Overall Winner: 6:34′
Specific Recommendations: 6:54′
Need landing?: 7:05′
More than 25 users?: 7:08′
Payroll with benefits administration: 7:18′
Restaurants, ecommerce, retail: 7:35′


Xero VS QBO review by Chelsea Krause: https://www.merchantmaverick.com/xero-vs-quickbooks-online/

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Get Quickbooks Online: https://bit.ly/2YlPcyR

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Thank you for this! It's awesome for those of us who don't have too much time to read the review article!

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