What Tax Software do Tax Preparers use?|Best softwares to use as a tax preparer

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GSA Architectural & Mechanical Drafting Inc. says:

Thank you very much for this very informative video my sister. I want to go into the tax business, what online tax school would you recommend?

L MooLAnii says:

Thank you so much. I appreciate you.

Erika Cervantes says:

We don't have an incometax business but we want to get this to make our drivers their 1099's instead of paying a tax preparer to make one for each driver. Can we get this?

Joshua Espinoza says:

Let me put a ring on it! 😉

Miguel Hernandez says:

Thanks for the videos. Super informative with insights on product and marketing strategies.

Rise Above Financial Ari Frank says:

You are great!

santiago Ron says:

Hi Crysta, I love the way you express and the way you pronounce. I´m from Latin America and I have several years of tax and financial experience, I run my own firm and my goal is to establish an accounting firm at the united states. certainly I've review a few choices and the enrollment agent I think is the more appropriate to begging with. but I need to know if I can take the test and be certify without having a permanent resident or legal status. Thanks a lot if you could guide me.

roni hiayev says:

Hi Crysta,
First I'd like to say thank you for probably the best and most straightforward information I found on this matter!!
I started a brand for myself as an intern at a very small tax practice back in college and it grew faster than I thought by me just giving people answers and advice for fun and to bring in clients and impress my then boss. I want to use that name now to generate income and don't know where to start. I want to start preparing taxes for individuals and eventually corporations. I really hope you can help me! My qualifications are below:
MS in Accounting
Working knowledge of ProSeries(too expensive to start with)
Live and want to operate in NYC
I know I need a PTIN and EFIN but do I need to incorporate? Can I use my own name? Is there anything to do on the state and city level? Do I need any other certifications/qualifications? Etc.

NATEG01 says:

What providers do you recommend for continuing ed?

The Coin Collector says:

million dollar question…. do i have to buy the tax software every year?

teresa evans says:

I am a new tax preparer and back in September applied for a new loan with Refund Advantage for start up fees. Can I apply to Santa Barbara as well or am I only allowed to apply to one bank? Also, I am still waiting to hear back from Refund Advantage, I hear there have been some buy outs of businesses and that's the delay.

teresa evans says:

Hi Crysta, I enjoyed your video.

Dasia Merritt says:

Valuable information. Thanks for sharing, Crysta!

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