Understanding Projects in QuickBooks Online with Jackie Meyer, CPA, CTC

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Jackie Meyer, CPA, CTC of Meyer Tax Consulting LLC, explains Projects – also referred to as “job costing” – in QuickBooks Online. Go here for more information: https://intuit.me/2JoYqb7


Kate Bowman says:

i am freaking out, I just set up an attorney office, they have alot of one time clients and we make projects for them,, we may never see this client again so we want to make Customer inactive,,, BUT guess what , you can't make a Customer inactive if projects are linked to Customer ,,, HOLYYYYY COW that is a Major problem to several of my clients

Cindy Arkeilpane says:

I have the same question as terrllinc22! Thank you.

terrellinc22 says:

im pretty sure you answered this mid-tutorial. but just to clarify: is there any way possible to add alreading existing transactions, invoices, expenses sales etc to a newly created project? Thanks in advance

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