TurboTax Canada Uber Partner Webinar for the 2017 Tax Year

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Watch this 40-min on-demand TurboTax workshop to understand how to properly report your Uber Partner income and expenses.

For TurboTax Self-Employed: https://bit.ly/2qEXNyk

For our Guide for Uber Partners visit: http://bit.ly/2F9YDvo
For Accounting Methods for GST/HST visit: http://bit.ly/2EYUp6B
For Tax Preparation Tips for Uber Partners visit: http://bit.ly/2BPmO05


Gromium says:

do i still need to file my taxes if i make under 10k

David Nguyen says:

Please try out our revolutionary free tax app for Canadians.

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5. Prorates mileage and applies % to vehicle expenses
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TLO says:

Do we need to track milage on each individual trip or can we just use the total milage driven for the shift for ubereats?

Malak Yawar says:

As an Uber Driver if I make less than 30k/year in revenue do I have to register for hst number and do i have to claim ??

Sharifa C.L. says:

How do you claim a vehicle that you did not purchase in the same year you started driving for uber?

My A says:

1. How do I claim my music subscription with Google play as an expense?
2. I purchased a new cell phone in 2017, how do I claim it as an expense?
3. What is the quick method rate for Quebec?

Keith Donaghy says:

Really appreciate your video. Re: vehicle expenses. When qualifying to drive with Uber I had to pass a Class 4 professional driving lic., have a police check, apply of a local city livery lic., get a special registration, etc. Over $400 to get started. I view these as 100% deductable and believe I should NOT report these as vehicle expenses as the would be prorated depending on the % of kms for the year. Would this be correct?

Hussain Y says:

I drove uber and have another job so have 2 incomes. How do I do this in Turbotax?

amit gharana says:

Does my tax return includes GST/HST payment? I do not have to pay GST/HST separately?

CrRWz says:

Hi Jennifer, i already created my acct for turbotax 2017 self-employed as uber driver and I also have a T4 slip. do i do this in separate acct? my wife will also file her income tax too as a regular one. i'm just confused where to start. pls help. thanks

Pete Puebla says:

Whatโ€™s GST & HST again?

Mike Dinardo says:

In the total revenue amount, do we include the service fees? The 2016 webinar says not to include it but in this video, you did not clarify.

Juice 423 says:

Has anybody done this yet and does it really work. And did you receive your money

rainyman1984 says:

Thanks. It was very helpful to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Leonardo Calderon says:

That helped me a lot, thank you.

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