TOP 10 QuickBooks Online Tips & Tricks – October 2018

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00:00:30 Tip #1 – Access QBO Sample Company
00:01:40 Tip #2 – Reclassify Expense Transactions in Batch
00:06:58 Tip #3 – Dates and Keyboard Shortcuts
00:11:13 Tip #4 – Chrome Browser Shortcuts and Chrome Bookmarks
00:25:20 Tip #5 – Multiple Chrome Users
00:27:51 Tip #6 – Batch Send Open Invoices and Batch Send Reminders
00:31:23 Tip #7 – Default Report Dates (Accountants Only)
00:34:38 Tip #8 – Undo Reconciliations in Batch (Accountants Only)
00:36:39 Tip #9 – Backup/Export Attachments
00:41:19 Tip #10 – Create a Customized Report Pack in PDF

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deelip prajapati says:

Thank a tons hector i was not known to #2 trick …..

trouble1204 says:

#2 is new to me ! I have always used the Reclassify under the accountant tools. Thank you !

allfruit says:

So I have Windows and I love to use the Firefox browser. I need to watch the video over again, but I got excited with the multiple profiles on the Chrome browser! So do you actually really like the Chrome browser over all others? Any body else that is reading this can answer too, please. I would love to know what most people think/use for their QB. Thank you.

Larry Chipkin - TickleMe Plant Company, Inc says:

Wow – you make quickbooks quick and easy. Thank you.

bogieboog says:

If you manage multiple companies couldn't you save the reports and name them the specific company name? So you would open balance sheet Craig's Landscaping or open balance sheet report for Nancy's Flower Shop, or Bob's Tire Co ex.

bogieboog says:

I didn't know but will use the expense reclassification (and remember to uncheck the category option). For the reason you described! Thank you.

quiks25 says:

Thank you so much for great info. How do you find time to create so much content while running your firm?

Laura Goetz says:

This is GREAT info. Thanks Hector 🙂

Bijan Khan says:

upload a video on quickbooks accounting for school management

kjaan says:

Great tips. Thanks

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