Three Things Never to Say to the IRS

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First off, for those who say there is no law that you have to pay income tax please see this video:–oBswn654sw

I created it because so many people want to (rightly) believe the income tax is unconstitutional. Yes, the income tax in unconstitutional, but IT IS THE LAW. Trust me, I represent people in actual criminal court and have seen what a grand jury does and what the courts do to people who try to claim the IRS has no power. It does not end well when the IRS catches up after 10+ years.
O.k. to answer some common questions and pointed criticisms:
(1) the side burns are now gone. They were even bigger in my wedding pictures. They were referred to as those “d.b. sideburns.” It why we have no wedding pictures in frames (and to think, I’d ruin the day by being drunk).
(2) the scary lady was not in the room when I was interviewed. I never met her in my life. You could imagine my *surprise* when I watched this for the first time.
(3) This was filmed in February of 2008. I am a bit fatter and a lot grayer now.
(4) There was a TelePrompTer present, but I did not use it! I actually ad-libbed off the script. I was going for sincerity.
(5) But I think the content, while a bit too salesy, is kind of true. People do not know how to talk to the IRS. They tell them stupid things all the time that totally hangs them. Or they hire one of those cheapo JK Tax jerks (or whatever they’re calling themselves today) who rip them off and sell them down the river to the IRS.
(6) My mom thinks I did a great job.
(7) Also, my wife, who went to USC Drama (and like so she knows people who are famous) also says “that’s certainly a youtube video. I really think you hit your potential.”
(8) I’ve gotten more cynical about the tax code since I filmed this. A recent blog about how the 16th Amendment violates the 13th can be found here:
(9) Thanks for the views. Thanks for the comments. Thanks for sharing the good times.
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Tom Shaw says:

you dont owe them

nastashia 33 says:

Fuck all the those 3 letter alphabet people all them I curse them with confusion.

Janet Levy says:

How come Trump is not in Jail given his tax issues and dishonesty.

Bantham Nobilis says:

Show me the statues in the Constitution that says I have to pay taxes? What is the Law reference?

Jason Pregano says:

Fuck the irs they are god dam liars and crooks they allowed someone stole my identity they didn't do shot so fuck them crooks

Jamal Oneal says:

Fuck the irs

daersoulkeeper says:

IRS is from hell itself, those who work there deserve an even lower region then hell

SDR Media says:

With all due respect, the IRS is not even a legal institution in America and actually has no authority or rights on American soil. It is Vatican controlled and if ALL Americans would wake up, the IRS would be kicked out with all the politicians who do not serve the better interest for the people, but for the Roman government which is controlled by the Pope.
And for American's to think that the lawyers are there to help the people, they need to know that they are first subject to their path to the courts…it is all about money and not helping!

Shandi sunflower says:

Why is it if one calls the irs, asking one questions interpersonal about your family, etc.? Is this constitutional?

Dios Sea Contigo says:

When I watch videos to learn more about the IRS, and the Federal Reserve, my Wi-Fi is always interrupted.

Joe Smartballs says:

The IRS is not federal. Its a private company. You also do not owe money to a 3rd party bill collector, but do owe a debt to the 2nd party you contracted with. So technically the United States of America has to take you to court to sue you for taxes owed to them and not the IRS. No 3rd party bill collector can legally collect, no contract with them.

Whitney Smithh says:

Horseshit! IRS is not a federal agency it is a collection agency for the Elite, aka Rothchild. Show me the law requiring citizens to pay taxes! You can't Usurper!

Wheat and no Cults says:

Does he have a drivers license?

Oliver Queen says:

Everyone should ditch this advice and seek the assistance of Mark Stevens who has a YouTube channel and has helped many all over the world

David Welch says:

Don't waste your time with this video. Here are the three things. Don't talk to the IRS. Don't speak with the IRS. Don't offer information to the IRS. That's the video. And 1000 people liked it. Amazing!

karey Stone says:

just because 'they' made a law that goes against the constitution doesn't make it constitutional it makes it treason. The convoluted tax system is designed that way on purpose; to confuse and intimidate people into paying a Fee just to work. We had TWO revolutionary wars over shit just like that and perhaps it's time to 'refresh' things as Jefferson would agree to the fact that the privately owned central banking system called the Federal Reserve has more power to destroy America than any standing army. Fiat phony money has created so much inflation that negative interest rates are being implemented and after the value of our currency evaporates into thin air a cashless society will emerge. And take a wild guess where that leads…

Nathan Jimenez says:

Fuck the irs

William WAGENER says:

BREAKING NEWS – – – – FULL Cliven BUNDY interview, on LIVE TV on Feb. 16 2018. 700 days in gov & Private Prisons, and convicted of nothing, like his 4 sons, and Ammon & Ryan Bundy in Oregon acquitted by a Jury angry with the Us Prosecutors.. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ™ ® © 2018

David Scott says:

click bait.

Todd Olson says:

The tax system is designed for those who hold public offices and work for the government, use government resources to make an (income) people born into the government (Washington DC) resident aliens. Not American Nationals working in the private sector laboring for pay of fiat currency, debit notes, worthless paper, IOU's. A debt that can never be paid, for this country has been bankrupt since 1933. This whole monetary system is nothing but a big lie built on trust. And by whom—the Americans, certainly not the corrupt government officials. So u think they care.. not on your life. This is what I think, and am entitled to my thoughts.
The created controlling the creators.
It's past time to overthrow this system as I believe Andrew Jackson said to do if it no longer served the country or it's people.

ven cent says:

fuck you bitch

Patrick Booth says:

The Fed is ran by crooks, the IRS is the goons with baseball bats that The Fed pays to do their gangsta work.

alivingtree15 says:

IRS can kiss my ass

Kauni S. says:

You MEAN negotiate WITH CRIMINALS????

Cardio Activist says:

Taxation is theft.

Lee Larson says:

Very nice commercial for his law practice. Now, what's the real story about helping people keep from getting screwed ANY FURTHER from the IRS?

Djms&capo DeMorais says:

Do like the Gypsies. No business plenty of money ,free houses, no PAID bills.

Chuck Dellano says:

Audit the FED first they i will submit to all audits but my records are jumbled up in shoeboxes and i live off credit cards and have no money.

Slim Shady says:

Stop paying income taxes they are illegal. It's against the constitution.

jay thovin says:

The IRS are loser pirets and theft is a crime they should be arrested for stealing money from people

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