The Problems with Traditional Financial Planning

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Most Americans are diligently saving for their retirement the only way they know how; maxing out their 401k and supplementing long term savings with ann IRA. There are some problems, however, with the status quo approach and in this video CEO and Founder of A Better Financial Plan offers insight into where the land minds of traditional financial planning lay hidden.


Travis Shooks says:

26 minutes sales pitch with absolutely no solution to any of the supposedly stated problems. Terrible information given. Just a sales pitch.

John Timperley says:

how much has the same money gained up to 2018?

Sam Smullen says:

He regularly holds seminars at places like Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to educate potential investors about this little-known investment opportunity, a complex upgrade on the fact that Americans have been free to trade on their life-insurance policies since a Supreme Court ruling in 1911.

dognessowns says:

This guy is a moron. Don’t you dare listen to what he has to say. He is so wrong it hurts

Dan Salas says:

This was one long ad! “Look how crappy you’ve been doing, and call us and we can fix all this and make it all better!” :). Right.

Andrew Lester says:

So…. I have to pay you to tell me how you do it? You don’t divulge any info about how you to it?

Romantic Donkey says:

ROTH….’nuff said

White Dog says:

Problem with your example is the money goes in and your are saving taxes on the your top marginal tax rate. When you with draw the 72k a year you should use the effective tax rate.

Lee Anderson says:

Thank you so much for providing this GOLD! I’m very late in the retirement game with a new born and this has helped me tremendously in pointing me in the right direction.

I’d love your help with my planning if I can qualify!

Chilly Cheese says:

"$15 trillion deficit". Dude doesn't even know the difference between debt and deficit… may not want to take his advice on how to handle your money.

Also take the example at 13:25. You have $10k invested and the market drops 50%, then goes up 50% the next year. Yes, a 50% drop is more severe than a 50% increase, but his assumption seems to be that you didn't continue investing in year 1. If you had invested another $10k, it would now be worth $15k in year 2 and you'd have a return of 12.5% on your $20k investment over 2 years, and not the 25% loss he's showing.

Holy cow… 16:00 this guy doesn't understand how progressive taxation works. "33% tax bracket you're going to pay $23,760", get out of here. First of all 33% is never going to be the marginal bracket on $72,000 in income. Then, when calculating your actual taxes, you don't pay your full marginal rate on all your income; you pay 0% up to your standard deduction, then say 10% up to your next $20k of income, then 15% up to your next $50k of income. Based on 2012 tax brackets, the tax on $72,000 taken out of a traditional IRA wouldn't be $23,760, it would be $7005 federally, and maybe a couple thousand in state taxes depending on where you live.

cato says:

There has been no 10 year period of negative return. Useless video

Heritage Wealth Planning says:

crazy to think this video was done in 2012 and the mention of Donald Trump. Who woulda thought he'd be President in just 4 years.

243wayne1 says:

FINALLY! Someone who really, truly, gets it. Thank you sir. Class dismissed.

milo74156 says:

The truth about 401k

Douglas Hogg says:

First, your employer matches your 401K. Second you say taxes will be higher, then you say taxes are lower today than 10 years ago. The truth is nobody knows what the tax will be. Your best investment is an SP index fund. Unless this guy has insider knowledge, there’s nothing special here. Lastly, Trump is just a con artist and people with that level of wealth have options unavailable to the average investor.

timothy gillis says:

I could use all the help I can get. I have 401k and Roth but I've never felt comfortable with the risk.

Eric says:

What's the big secret that nobody else knows but you? Just tell us or is this just another slick solicitation on YouTube.

AAA P says:

Chris Hogan + Dave Ramsey combination…can't be beat

Jake says:

Well hey I'm 23 but I'm not really worried about any of that, I have all my investments in ROTH accounts and a few single stocks just because I like those companies. The only way I'll be taxed at retirement is if I make more money than I can contribute to ROTH IRAs and ROTH 401Ks and start other investment accounts. I like what you said though and you made some good points, I think a big problem is people not utilizing ROTH accounts and being able to take advantage of being "taxed on the seed." As you put it.

George Garner says:

Sorry but we need universal health care plan

George Garner says:

That's not by design that's fact i bet most people will retire in a lower tax bracket

George Garner says:

Thanks for depressing me

Jeffery Hill, MBA says:

Awesome video Dean. I need to go ahead and record my series! The debt is a lot higher now!

priya devendra says:

what about the growing inflation rate .

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