Taxes For the Self-Employed | How to file the PERFECT Income Tax Return

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UPDATE (please read):
Some of my contact information has changed. The new information is as follows:
Twitter Handle = @TheSETaxGuy
New Facebook Page = /TheSelfEmployedTaxGuy
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Instagram = @theselfemployedtaxguy

Ok carry on…
Being self employed is one the greatest feats a person can achieve. It gives one a true sense of freedom and control and is like a great sun shines day until the IRS comes along and brings rain clouds.

Well… If you are looking for information on business taxes, freelance taxes, self-employed, a serial entrepreneur, a social media-preneur or or what to do with a freaking 1099-Misc or 1099-K… then you have landed on the right video. Enjoy and join the community.

Find out exactly what you need to do in order to file that perfect tax return.


Jimmy Wadsworth says:

Hey you have all your videos great help quick question can I make up to $600 a year and not have to do a 1099

Abigail Laprad says:

So helpful! Thank you!

Kettly Casir says:

Very informative

Michael Freestone says:

You're forgetting the federal income tax rates.

Everything put together I pay 27.3%.

Farron Rubio says:

For your example at the end of your video… how did you come up with the Tax Liability equaling $10,650? I was able to follow your video all the way up to this point… well I thought I did anyway. I understand how you came up with $10,597 for SE Tax but not the first amount. You lost me.

Toni Queen R.A.W. Ward says:


Can we talk about doing a video specifically for my profession? 925-204-7444

Lou Bigga says:

Hey boss. How can I contact you via email ?

Chelle P says:

Hi there. Just stumbled across your channel and I love it. My situation is kind of an accident. I was asked to do a presentation 4 times a year for essentially Health and Wellness and later asked to fill out a w-9. Im only receiving a $50 stipend for each presentation and wondered what was the purpose of this form for such a petty cash amount of money.

John Jones says:

But what if I can't pay?
Tyrone as an Enrolled Agent I must say that this is an excellent instructional video. I help many 1099 self employed people who got behind in filing and paying by getting them straighten out. Perhaps a video such as this one might have helped them not get into this position.
The IRS does offer several resolution plans for those who have gotten behind. My advice for those people is to have someone like me find out exactly what the IRS will require to get the issue fixed and then apply the appropriate resolution plan. Waiting only makes things worse.
Just like you answering tax questions, I answer questions on "TAX DEBT" and "Resolution".
If anyone is interested you can email me at or visit my blog at

Ty Jack says:

What about 7.65 irs deduction from the 15.3?

Natalie Segovia says:

Very very helpful and im only half way through the video, thank you!

scott davidson says:

thanks for taking the time to make this video bro,,,it really helped!!! ty

Christian Agundez says:

im a truck driver working for a smalk company they pay me in personal checks tax free wtf do i do

Bren Grace says:

This is helpful

Fortnite Faction says:

So, i am a video editor, and made 10,000 for this year. This is where it gets weird, you're saying 15% but my stepdad is saying about a 3rd I need to pay?

Newlyweeds 420 couple says:

Howw can I email this man? I need his help! Please someone get me his email!!!!

Johny Toker says:

You helped me big time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

bignate678 says:

Very Informative I’m a hotshot driver usuing my pickup is it possible to get money back

Natu Beyn says:

Great video but my question is what if we don't know how much our gross income is going to be like in the trucking businesses you don't know how much you going to much the next month do you have any solution s for me

Paxton VLOGS says:

Have you done one like this for 2018 small business tax filing? My husband is about to step into this for the first time as a 1099 contractor for a company, and I’ve always been the “bill payer” in the family. I’m a little scared, but can really absorb the instruction due to how you present it so well. I like your videos!

Sveta N says:

In the beginning you said that self employed tax is 15% but half gets credited, so its 7.5%. But at the end in example of Brian, single with 75000 income you make his se tax 10000 something. But thats 15%. So which is it for se, 7 or 15%?

emoneywon says:

thanks for the intel.

Sveta N says:

"Nowwww… you need to choose your method. But you don't have to fiill out W4". What method, whats W4 form??? You dont define things.

Mushky Fuchs says:

Great video! Thank you so much!

Joanne Russell says:

Thank you for making this so logical and simple. It gives understanding and you learn the ino Plus you presentation still is upbeat while being factual–teach on young man. Do you have any more I can watch?

WReTCHeD AP says:

Hello good sir! I have to file taxes on roughly $1,150 worth of income from services rendered. Basically I was paid to move people’s things. Do I need to file 1099, CEZ? I’m so lost. Thank you!

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