Tax scammers traced back to India (Marketplace)

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Scammers are stealing millions of dollars from Canada by claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency in telephone calls. We trace the calls back to illegal call-centres in India and meet a former employee and local police who say the RCMP isn’t doing enough to stop the perpetrators.

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Giggles McGlitter says:

India scammed my friend who is a Nigerian Prince!

TheGamingSquirrel _ says:

Don’t give India like a 10 million dollar fine, help the police by recruiting more people to roam the streets to end this.

Henry Wang says:

I m Chinese, I know how frightening it is because there are many scams in my country. This is not to say that my country is very bad. just I can understand how desperate the deceiver is in this situation. So I hope very much that this situation can be completely exterminated no matter which country it is.

Abdidallas says:

I work for an accounting firm and I know all about taxation in the U.S, I love when they call me. I just waste their time so much…and when they're about to give up, I tell them wait wait…where should I send money to and start another conversation. I am doing all that so they don't go to next person quickly who might be elderly or uninformed about the taxation laws.

Sandra C says:

People are so naive…oh My God! People needs to be informed all over the news. Make it headlines! Instead of talking so much about crappie politics, talk about what's really going on. This falls on the media. They are at fault. They have to inform the people.

Sandra C says:

Block any unknown number on your phone. Block them all.

bLuEpInOy says:

Plain and simple I don't know you I don't pick up. If its robot leaving a message its a scam. I'm in the business where I need to pick up the phone most times and most know if I don't answer they need to leave a message or text me and i'll call back.

Strategic Growth Experts says:

How does it feel to get in. Front of those fuckers 3 times and somehow still fail?!

Kandace Finney says:

I don’t even trust the people helping them lmao.

Matthew Mcmath says:

This isn’t the only problem Canada has way too many Indians, and can’t respect people or the land, there pure disgusting.

PlayStable says:

These “Great softwares” think we got our guy

Brian Donofrio says:

You went all the way to India and ….. Nothing. Once an English Vassal always ….

tubeMonger says:

These scammers have done a number on legitimate Indian tech support. I wouldn't trust anyone with a thick Indian accent over the phone.


If you are being arrested, they will come to your house and do it in person. Not on a phone.
And come on, the authority aren't going to ask you to pay in bitcoin.

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