Tax Info For 2019

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Tax Info For 2019
ALL of this information was taken straight from these pages and was not edited for content. This is real tax information for this coming year. And as such cannot be made personal.
I simply put them all together to form this report so all the information will be in one place. And some information was used to show a comparison from last year.

2018 Federal Tax Rates, Personal Exemptions, & Standard Deductions

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Linda Spade says:

Only two things certain in life, death and taxes. On that bright note, haha, thanks for the updates. I'm just not ready to think about taxes, yet. 🙁

teresa vict says:

I don't get the child tax credit. I can only claim one child having two.



Fat Knuckles Productions says:

Is any of this really going to matter if the government stays shut down

Adam Curl says:

Curl family … adam curl right here lol

shadow faze says:

Is is true trump won’t give us income tax checks if he don’t get his little wall?

jef mann says:

thank u very much

Mr. Big Karate /Jiujitsu says:

Good to know. Thanks!

Tre Beeng says:

As if the corporations aren't in control of the gov puppets, please. And 14 conglomerates own the world, explain that to everyone.

Celia Gorleski says:

The increase of standard deduction will not offset the loss of exemptions for many people. My family is losing $20,000 in exemptions but only gaining $12,000 in standard deductions. We just lost $8000 that we had been able to subtract from our income and not pay taxes on.

cools says:

Starts at @3:14

Chris Knott says:

Thanks for the information! Great video

treyatl2006 says:

The doubling of the standard deduction makes up for the exemptions only for families of 4 or less. Larger families will take a hit and families with college students as a dependent will take a hit.

Ryan Hilson says:

I’m assuming you meant 2018 taxes ?

Cuda873 says:

I was told you can claim only 1 dependent instead of 2. Is that true?

Financial Freedom says:

Awesome stuff lil lady

Robert Montoya says:

Great, I lived in poverty all year and now I'll owe $1400 in taxes, thanks Obamacare youve bankrupted me

chaundra Gleason says:

You're a gift! Thank you! 😃

jeremiah youmans says:

Thumbs up very informative

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