According to the Fraser Institute, Canadians pay about 43% of their income in taxes. Now not all of that is income taxes, which really depend on your income. To test their tax estimate against my own situation, I tracked all the taxes I paid throughout the year. Fraser Institute Study: Fraser Institute Tax Index: Half a Century of Fuzzy Math: Canadian Income Tax Video – Do You Know How Canadian Tax Works?: Payroll Taxes: Taxes for Self-Employment & Side Hustles: Beer & Wine Taxes in Ontario: Spirits Taxes in Ontario: Tobacco Taxes in Ontario: [More]
Canadian Personal Income Taxes Step by Step Start to Finish DIY How to Prepare Do my own Canada T1 Personal Income Tax Return – Updated for spring 2019: Filing your 2018 T1 Tax Return [The Table of Contents below lets you jump to your form] This video is designed to walk the “Average Canadian” through the Income Tax forms from start to finish, using plain English. It covers all of the most common tax situations. It walks you through how to prepare the T1 General tax return and all of the forms and schedules. Canadian Personal Tax Walkthrough TABLE OF [More]
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The new year is upon us, so it’s only smart to start looking towards next year so you aren’t caught off-guard. Now is an excellent time to review your entire financial situation, take inventory and set some goals for 2019. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be on your way to an effective financial assessment. #1 – Check your 2018 plan. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do financially this year? If not, be sure to include your unfinished goals to your 2019 plan and let’s make it a point to get them done. #2 – Go over your [More]
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People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience graphic designer salaries toronto, on, canada. How much salary are top graphic designers getting these days designer jobs in canada canadian income tax for freelancers the balance. Salary survey in canada graphic designergraphic designer salary and career outlook junior neuvoo. How much does a graphic designer make in toronto, on? The average salary for per year. 30 salaries how much does a graphic designer make in toronto, on? Per year. In some industries, people get paid better for doing the same job. Since 1960, the gdc has been [More]
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I wanted to wish you a happy fiscal new year in 2014! #accounting #fiscal #humor #taxes.
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