Watch the full version with Noel Tiufino from My Accounts as he explains in depth about cloud accounting and exactly why bookkeepers are used.
Hector Garcia, CPA presents the key differences between the different platforms of QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) from the perspective of an Accountant and QuickBooks Consultant Reseller. Comparing QuickBooks Online Essentials, QuickBooks Online Plus, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Accountant, and QuickBooks Enterprise COMPARATIVE MATRIX: Contact Hector: Contact Steve:
التحليل المالي للرواد الاعمال ، كيفية عمل خطة ماليه لمشروع جديد ، كيف تحكم عليه ، و كيفية عمل دراسة الجدوي للمشروع و تقرر فيه ماليا .
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