These geniuses called me and left a message claiming that there was a warrant for my arrest due to tax fraud so I called them back to see what’s gucci. They tell me that I can’t pay I will be arrested for 5 days and then in court on the 6th day. Damn, that’s like how God built the Earth. I guess I get Sunday off too. After that the say that in order for me to jail, I would have to get some tax paying vouchers that I can get from, Shopper’s Drug Mart. Listen for yourself and watch [More]
New IRS head says taxpayers no longer trust agency The new acting head of the Internal Revenue Service is telling Congress that American taxpayers no longer trust the agency amid a growing number of scandals — from targeting conservative political groups to lavish spending on employee conferences. GOP lawmaker: IRS targeting likely led by Washington A Republican U.S. congressman investigating the Internal Revenue Service’s scrutiny of conservative groups said on Sunday the targeting was likely directed from Washington, a claim quickly rejected by a top Congressional Democrat involved in the probe. Report finds $50M for IRS conferences A [More]
For more Stuff Accountants Like go to Do you hate your manager? I do and here is a preview of what I have to deal wit…
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