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#theartofwealthbuilding How to do financial planning for beginners|retire early|mutual funds investment & passive income Systematic Investment Plan is an investment vehicle, where an investor makes fixed, regular payments into a mutual fund, to reap the benefits of long-term investing. It helps you gain exposure to your selected asset class through the investment of a small or large amount of money, at fixed intervals and in a disciplined manner. Benefits of a SIP The compounding factor: make your money work for you by generating earnings which are further reinvested to generate their own earnings. The compounding process ensures that both the [More]
Too many marketers/experts/consultants make it sound like it’s easy to market an estate planning practice so that each month the attorney gains a steady flow of new, ideal estate planning clients. The reality, though, is it’s hard. Many lawyers fail. Why do they fail? For lots of reasons…competition, fee resistance, information and alternative services available online, and lawyers are among the least trusted professions. Many vendors of marketing services proclaim that with minimal effort, you can have the estate planning practice of your dreams. One vendor said that you can build the ideal estate planning practice by “investing” 15-20 minutes [More]
In this webinar, estate planning lawyer Mary-Jane Wilson explains: why preparing a will is important, powers of attorney and representation agreements. Mary-Jane Wilson is a partner at the law firm Wilson Rasmussen LLP. She regularly provides advice to individuals, families and organizations in the areas of: real estate and financing, estate planning, wills and trusts, powers of attorney, estate administration and probate and representation agreements. She is also the author of the British Columbia Probate Kit.
#stockmarketforbeginners #investing #investinginstocksforbeginners HI everyone, in this video we are going to talk about various important concept like future value, present value, present value annuity and future value annuity. This video is very important for all those who want to start investing in stocks for beginners. present value of an annuity can be derived in ms excel and google spreadsheet by using a simple formula which i have talked about in this video. Then we are going to talk about future value annuity. Future value and present value are two important concepts which you must know in order to gain [More]
Learn More About Estate Planning Essentials Today! Despite what you may think, estate planning isn’t just for the elderly. Estate planning is the process in which one plans for the unexpected, whether it be death, disability, or incapacity. In our inaugural episode of “Estate Planning Essentials,” we’ll break down the estate planning basics. From medical directives to memorial instructions, document drafting to trusts, we’ve got you covered. Please like, comment, and subscribe! For more information, check out WealthCounsel, LLC has been helping estate and business planning attorneys practice excellence for over 20 years. Membership benefits include superior estate [More]
On this episode of The Money Guy Show, we go over the seven common estate planning mistakes you need to avoid! Leave your comments and questions below. Subscribe today to stay up to date with our latest shows and highlight videos: Our professional focus is on financial planning and investment management, and we leverage our knowledge for your benefit. We help you focus on the things you can control and manage the things you can’t. Visit our site for more info : Are you ready to go beyond common sense when it comes to your money? Check out [More]
Setting up a living trust when it comes to estate planning will help you avoid costly probate and expensive attorney fees. WATCH this video so you don’t make the same $75,000 mistake my grandma made! ***** Get Your FREE 30 min Consultation & Wealth Planning Blueprint NOW! ***** **SUBSCRIBE** Real Estate Asset Protection Youtube Channel 800.706.4741 Twitter: @Clint_Coons Blog: The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by Anderson Business Advisors with its main office at 3225 McLeod [More]
Financial Planning Lecture 1 | Retirement के बाद कैसे मिलेगा 1 CRORE प्रति माह | Retirement Planning hello everyone this video is about basics of stock market for beginners. Particularly we are going to cover financial planning in hindi. If you’re worried that you dont know anything about financial planning then dont worry because Financial Planning for beginners is what im going to cover in this video. I am going to tell you how to do retirement planning in india. Always begin with the end in the mind, so before starting planning for retirement first of all what amount will [More]
Financial Planning Tool: Worried about your children’s education, marriage expenses or retirement? Stay ahead & plan your investments via our financial planning tool. Find out exactly how much you need to save & the best way to do it on Financial Planning Tool: Register Now:
28000 Book [Best Gift For Your Clients!] – Many of you guys who requested the TREE and ROOTS presentation so I have recorded a video on how you can use it to explain the importance of proper retirement planning to your clients. Always remember to have GUARANTEED INCOME over ASSETS coming to you and aim to build a steady flow of income. That is retirement planning. You should have CERTAIN FORMULAS on when you are planning for retirement to guide you on that which I have covered in the 28000 BOOK. We all have 28000 days to live, and [More]
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Hey guys, in today’s video we’re going to talk about Life Insurance In estate planning. 💯 Estate Planning 2019: Now before we dive deep into how you can use life insurance in estate planning, let us try to understand what is estate planning? 🤔 Estate planning is is the process of transferring wealth from one generation to the next generation and it is important that every individual with some assets should do estate planning. Many people say that Life insurance is an efficient way to pass on wealth to next generations but is this true? To summarise it, life [More]
Here are the smart financial moves you need to make in your 40’s to keep your financial life on track. Download the 8 Steps to Organize & Optimize Your Financial Life: Scott Weiss is a Fee-Only Certified Financial Planner. Subscribe to my channel: ******************************************** Learn more about working with Scott at Weiss Financial Group Here: ******************************************** Subscribe to my blog: ******************************************** Get Social ——————————– LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: ******************************************** Video Notes: ———————- You’ve got some important work to do in your 40’s to get your financial life in order. Here are the smart financial [More]
The first thing you need to do to start your financial planning goal is to look for a fiduciary. Fiduciaries are the ones responsible for taking care of the money or assets for someone else. These professionals are also not permitted to take “undisclosed commissions”. So in short, they act for their clients’ best interest. Instead of a financial adviser, look for a fiduciary instead – and make sure it’s a reputable one. That’s why I trust Epic Wealth. They’re the experts in knowing where to put my money and make it grow optimally than place it in a bank [More]
Watch the first part of the Personal #Financial Planning #Course by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade. This series is focused on financial planning for beginners. In this video CA Rachana explains the basics of #PersonalFinancialPlanning, Password management, Account operations, Account nominees.
“Starting an estate planning practice” is not going out and buying up office supplies, furniture, and office space. To me, “starting an estate planning law practice” involves the activities necessary to attract ideal clients so that you can retain them, and then have them compensate you for providing your professional legal services to them. Almost everyone underestimates what is involved in setting up a practice that consistently brings in new ideal client activity. Here’s a step-by-step cost-efficient plan for building your practice: (1) Build a Website. Don’t spend valuable resources paying a third party to build and maintain your site. [More]
Hi guys, in today’s video I want to share with you why Estate Planning is IMPORTANT to every financial advisor. Join the Mentoring Family to get more tips like these: Ever since I started the mentoring family, I’ve been receiving many messages from members asking me multiple questions related to Estate Planning. 🤔 Questions like: “Dr Sanjay, why and how can I learn about estate planning ? I want to close a bigger case.” “I met a business owner today, I’m not sure what can I do for him, can you advice me?” “I was recommended to a high [More]
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This video focuses on an all too common gap in the financial community’s interpretation of life insurance who tend to think that life insurance is only important for replacing one’s income at death. There are other critical uses of life insurance for estate planning purposes that go way beyond income replacement. Before we dive in, let’s review what is estate planning? Estate planning is a plan to manage and distribute your assets in the event disability or death. Your assets are everything you own and this is not just an essential for wealthy people. Having no estate plan makes you [More]
Every month The Presser Law Firm, P.A. – Asset Protection Attorneys holds a webinar on different topics specific to Asset Protection and Estate Planning. This webinar, with Attorney Elise Gross, Esq., LL.M., Of Counsel to The Presser Law Firm, P.A., is from November 13, 2018. Attorney Gross cover several Estate Planning and Elder Law topics specific to preparing for your parents, including Incapacity Documents, Long Term Care, Medicaid, and Funeral and Burial Arrangements. About The Presser Law Firm, P.A. We help our clients protect their hard-earned assets from lawyers, creditors, foreclosure deficiencies, former or current spouses, malpractice claims, children, relatives, [More]
Financial planning is everything to do with managing your money and saving and investing. It covers budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning. Personal finance is about meeting personal financial goals, whether it’s meeting short-term financial needs, planning for retirement or saving for your child’s college education. It all depends on your income, expenses, living requirements and individual goals and desires – and coming up with a plan to fulfill those needs within your financial constraints. But to make the most of your income and savings it’s important to become financially literate, so you can [More]
In this video Morningstar’s advisor team introduces the concepts behind goals-based financial planning. In addition the value of taking a goals-based approach is highlighted.
Financial Planning for Beginners [8 Steps] ===================================================== If you’re ready to make your money work for you instead of trading time for dollars click here: ===================================================== Tiffany Thomas, your wealth mentor is all about helping you achieve financial freedom at a young age using wealth building strategies. Let’s connect… Facebook Page: Instagram: Website: Free resources I have created for you… Email Course “Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom at 40”: Workshop “How I Made $5,000 off One Stock”: Email Course “5 Beginner Investor Secrets to Making More Money”: Private Facebook Group: Wealth Conscious Women: [More]
Matt Dana reflects on all he has learned in the estate planning industry. Dana Whiting Law serves Scottsdale, Arizona and the greater Phoenix area. Matt Dana has over 34 years of experience in estate planning law. Together, they have helped countless clients and their families prepare for their future. To learn more about Matt, visit
Today, we’re talking about a topic we’ve never covered before: estate planning. We’re covering some estate planning basics and talking about the financial planning we’ve done to make sure that our children are taken care of if we were to both die unexpectedly. ▸▸▸ Related Content | Create Your Dream Life – How to Live a Happy Life OBH Family Vlogs: 2018 Family Budget: Investing 101: How to Save Money | How We Saved $100,000 in One Year: ▸▸▸Other Places You Can Find Us! Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ▸▸▸About Us | [More]
Welcome to the ultimate guide to estate planning. If you are curious about planning in advance for long-term care expenses or your focus is on the Do It Yourself Beneficiary, managing assets for your children’s inheritance and overcoming challenges families face without an estate plan is financial freedom in retirement. Watch this complete estate planning review to see who needs an estate plan and how to utilize tax-free advantages in life insurance with the different estate types and trusts. People Often ask me “How does life insurance affect estate planning and Should I consider life insurance in my estate plan?” [More]
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Want to Retire Early? Don’t Have a FIRE PLAN? Don’t know where to start on your road to financial independence? Do you know where you’re aiming but not how to get there? Build a FIRE Plan (financial plan)! In part one of this two-part series I go over 12 comprehensive steps to creating a foolproof FIRE plan. Financial Planning is the key to personal finance success! Steps 1-6 will give you a start and next week I’ll drop steps 7-12 so that you can flesh out your own financial plan! ——————————————————————————————- I’m a huge fan of Pete Adney’s Mr Money [More]
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7 Seven Deadly Estate Planning Mistakes & How To Avoid Them Petaluma, CA estate planning attorney, Bridget Mackay, talks about the 7 common estate planning mistakes she sees on a regular basis + advice on how to avoid them. With a focus in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration for the greater Sonoma, Marin and Napa areas – Bridget understands the intricate laws and regulations to counsel clients and make arrangements to fit your unique needs perfectly. Bridget believes in relationships. Taking care of you and your family is what matters above all else. Subscribe: Estate Planning Playlist: [More]
Face it – nobody’s perfect. Mistakes are made in every facet of life, including estate planning. The following are five of the most common mistakes that people make when they attempt to put their estate legal affairs in order. (1) Not addressing long term care. If you don’t address the possibility that your estate will be depleted due to nursing home or long term care costs, there may not be an estate to leave to anyone when you pass away. But sometimes this topic does not get addressed. People will go to a lawyer to “get a Will done,” and [More]