QB POWER HOUR: Time sheets in QuickBooks Online + T-sheets for scheduling
In this QB Power Hour, we discussed job costing in QuickBooks Online with the new Projects feature. NOTE: You must have QBO PLUS to do the job costing and there are some limitations (i.e. no labor / payroll allocations except for manually and no progress invoicing). Specifically we discussed: –setting up for job costing including setting up 2 sided (aka double-sided) items — set up a budget for the customer / project (if desired) — enter transactions for the costs (expenses, checks or bills), assigning them to a customer / project and marking it billable or not. (also mentioned entering [More]
In this QB Power Hour webinar, we discussed job costing in QuickBooks Online (QBO) Plus. Specifically: –Settings to enable job costing –Using double sided (two sided) items (i.e. Products and Services) –entering expenses for job costs and making them billable or not –entering job cost expenses from QBO app on mobile device –entering job cost expenses via downloaded transactions –invoicing for billable expenses –Reports: Income by Customer Summary, Profit & Loss by Customer, Profit & Loss by Item (Product or Services) Plus I discussed some of the limitations of Job costing in QuickBooks Online at this time and 3rd party [More]
Recorded on 07-14-2016. With Hector Garcia, CPA and Michelle Long, CPA. Mark Wickersham is our guest speaker and he shows us how to Effectively price our accounting services based on value using “a systems approach” using software: www.pricinginthecloud.com Here is the agenda: 4:00 An inspiring story of one of Mark’s protégés 11:40 The 3 big pricing myths holding accountants back 20:18 The 3 big pricing MISTAKES most accounting professionals make 24:30 The 7-step formula for value pricing 31:20 Proof this works 36:20 Your 2-step value pricing system 42:20 How to build the value proposition 48:40 How you can join Mark’s [More]