Vancouver tax dispute lawyer Jeff Glasner was on the Jon McComb Show on March 31st outlining what tools the Canada Revenue Agency has to recover money that is owed and what payment arrangements you or your company may be able to arrange.
If youve filed your taxes by April 15 but still cant pay your tax bill. Youve done the right thing by filing your taxes anyway. The penalty for paying your tax bills late is actually way lower than failing to file — the above-mentioned 0.5% of unpaid taxes per month. Apr 23, 2017 filing your canadian income tax late this season? What happens if you file taxes late? Even owe more than can pay by the deadline, should still return on time to see what can’t that owe? . What happens if i don’t pay my taxes on time? Four [More]
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This series of three videos explains the CRA’s tax audit process for businesses. This is part two: What are your responsibilities and what happens during an …