Description: Shoutout to the hoax hotel for educating me in the scamming of these stupid fake agencies. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE IT IS NOT THE CRA! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! ~ ~ ~ If you are ever not feeling fantastic and you need to talk to a professional about mental health or anything like that, these are the phone numbers you can call within your designated country. People are here for you, they love and support you, and you are not alone. I love you all so much because you keep me going and I hope I can do the same. [More]
Fake Canada Revenue Agency wants $4213.00
The “fake” CRA called me to make me pay them my taxes (via the post office) It was a 26 minute call, I trimmed it down as best I could to showcase the whole scam they pull.
Someone celebrated April Fools today…just got a call from (613) 707-0339 at which a speaker with a heavy Asian accent identified himself as “Officer Ryan Smith” of the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), threatening to charge me with tax fraud. This is a SCAM. I dialed *57 and reported the number. People in the US are getting similar calls, albeit under the guise of IRS and with a US phone number on their call displays.
In recent months, I have been dealing with these fraudsters with East Indian accents, most likely calling from India but using spoofed phone numbers to make it seem like they are the “real deal”, representing the Canada Revenue Agency. As we all know, they are trying to sniff out your personal information so they can wreak havoc on your credit, bank accounts, etc. The have taken to such low levels to threaten you with fake arrest warrants for committing “tax fraud” and/or “tax evasion”. Because they leave a phone # for you to call back, which is in the area [More]
Subscribe to The Hoax Hotel here! ▶ Hey all, Hoax goes international today. Got ahold of these fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scammers and went for some good old-fashioned spam bombardment. They stopped answering for a while after the onslaught, and the number was down when I tried the next day, blast. Enjoy! The scam: An agent claiming to be from the CRA will call and threaten you with jail or court charges for unpaid taxes. The scammer will attempt to get you to send money immediately through wire transfer or a prepaid card to clear the charges. Absolute [More]
A Fake number 1-866-864-5841 posing as Canada revenue service was reported to Anti Fraud 1-888-495-8501 report file number 835955.