Canadian Personal Income Taxes – DIY How to Prepare Do my own Canada T1 Personal Income Tax Return – Updated for spring 2018: Filing your 2017 T1 Tax Return [The Table of Contents below lets you jump to your form] This video is designed to walk the “Average Canadian” through the Income Tax forms from start to finish, using plain English. It covers all of the most common tax situations. It walks you through how to prepare the T1 General tax return and all of the forms and schedules. Canadian Personal Tax Walkthrough TABLE OF CONTENTS 00:00 Introduction 02:16 T1 [More]
Canada Chapter of ICAP members organised an information session on basic understanding of Canadian Income Tax. The information shared in this video is based on assumption and context and should be used after consulting a professional and licensed tax expert. Hence Canada Chapter of ICAP members, Management Committee, presenters and owner does not take any responsibility of the contents and the decision made based on the contents. This Case Is About INTRODUCTION TO THE CANADIAN INCOME TAX SYSTEM (REVISED) Get Your INTRODUCTION TO THE CANADIAN INCOME TAX SYSTEM (REVISED)Case Solution at – профессиональное финансовое консультирование в Канаде. В этом выпуске: – Какие источники доходов облагаются налогами? – Какие доходы не налогооблагаемы? – Ставки налогов – Как расчитывается подоходный налог? – Deductions and Tax Credits. Как уменьшить налоги – Советы Таблица с налогами : ——- MoneyInside – Все о финансах в Канаде. Подкасты выходят на русском языке для канадской аудитории, а также для всех тех, кто интересуется финансовыми вопросами в Канаде. В финансовых подкастах мы рассказываем о том, как правильно управлять и распоряжаться деньгами, эффективно вести личные финансы, уберечь себя и свою семью от финансовых катастроф, куда можно инвестировать сбережения. [More]
Personal Tax Course Preparing Canadian T1 Tax Returns Start to Finish- Best Practices This is an online Canadian Personal Tax Course that is offered by the Canadian Tax Academy: To enrol at the promotional price of $89 (normally $199), click on this link: In this intermediate personal tax course, I take you through the tax preparation process from start to finish for Canadian personal T1 tax returns. You will get to look over the shoulder of a professional tax accountant of almost 20 years and gain valuable insight into how to prepare tax returns accurately and quickly. This [More]
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Passionate about helping Canadians benefit from credits they are entitled to and avoid owing unnecessarily to CRA for over a decade Virtual tax appointments available In description indicate how you’d prefer your apt Skype, Facebook WhatsApp…
The Federal Government of Canada is phasing out cheques by April 2016 in favour of direct deposits for GST/HST returns, accounts payables and corporate tax refunds will be issued electronically. Learn about these changes at
The Canada Revenue Agency’s Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) gives taxpayers a way to voluntarily come forward to put their tax affairs in order and correct past non-compliance. Taxpayers who use this program must pay any taxes owing, but they can avoid costly penalties and prosecution, and may also be entitled to partial interest relief.
Pay GST Online This is step by step instructions on how to pay your GST though online banking. To view more information about Armstrong & Glen LLP this is our website
This is a quick video i recorded of a Canadian revenue agency phone call scam I’ve been receiving lately. A robotic voice overlaid with a strange breathing/distortion filter makes this call quite unnerving. the caller claims to be a case officer for some amount of money you apparently owe, and requests you call the number he gives.
An overview for international students studying in Canada of when and how to file an income tax and benefit return. This video is segment 5 of 16. For more information, visit Tax amnesty lawyers Paul and Philippe DioGuardi reveal the startling truth about back taxes help in Canada.
If you’ve never spoken with someone who exhibits psychopathic behavior, such as a complete lack of empathy, then speak to a bureaucrat. They are a callous bunch of criminals. While I don’t believe they are all psychopaths/sociopaths, they certainly behave in a similar way, they just don’t give a damn, they really just don’t care. This call is with Carol, she is the one behind the attack. She doesn’t break any ground, nothing new, she uses all the same lines we’ve come to expect. So this may be educational for those new to this site, it is also more evidence [More]
This short video reveals Top 5 Myths relating to Canadian Taxes for non-residents. If you’re a non-resident of Canada, then this video is for you. Follow us on Twitter – Like us on Facebook – Add us on Google Plus- Please download our free eBook “20 Free Tax Secrets for Canadians” You can also download it from Amazon for just 99 cents. All profits from your purchase will go to charity! Disclaimer: The information provided in this video is intended to provide general information. The information does not take into account your personal situation and [More]
Canadian Tax Newsletter – September 2016 Launch. ** JUST LAUNCHED ** I’m happy to announce the launch of my new Tax Bytes Video Newsletter at the Canadian Tax Academy. I am currently offering a promotional subscription price of only $39/month until the end of this year (December 2016). Click on this link for more information on the monthly newsletter and the promotional subscription offer. The Tax Bytes Video Newsletter is designed with the Canadian income tax newbie in mind. Many tax students in college or university courses often find themselves in the dark when they begin their career in [More]
Preparing Canadian Personal T1 Returns – Inputting Proper Personal Information (Part 1 of 5) NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH & SUMMER 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $69 CDN (ALL TAXES INCLUDED) AT CANADIAN TAX ACADEMY. Take the fully updated Canadian Personal Tax Course for only $69 CDN (including GST/HST). That is a savings of $228 off the regular price. Just click on this link: COMPLETELY UPDATED FOR 2015 T1 TAX RETURNS (THE 2016 TAX PREPARATION SEASON). In this video tutorial, I review the first step in the T1 Tax preparation process by looking at the personal information portion of the T1 General [More]
Defending ourselves against political/government attacks we have to be able to recognize their tactics to avoid their lack of evidence and good faith. This article/video deal with a common tactic used by bureaucrats from at least three continents. When faced with their inability to support their claims, the predators will blame it all on the victim. Here, the tax agent, Samantha Russell of the Sudbury office of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), is unable to provide a single fact proving her claim the rules created by people called parliament, apply to a someone just because he’s physically in Canada. I [More]
Top 10 Tips For 2015 Canadian Tax Return: Canadian income tax, financial investing and real estate information for deductions and tax credits
Top 10 Tips For 2015 Canadian Tax Return: Canadian income tax, financial investing and real estate information for deductions and tax credits
Top 10 Tips For 2015 Canadian Tax Return: Canadian income tax, financial investing and real estate information for deductions and tax credits
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Instructions on how to change your address for your Individual Canadian Tax Return Link for RC325 form is available on this site http://moncton-accountant-john-whitel… Find the fax number and mailing address for a Canadian Tax Centre near your location
Canadian Personal Tax Returns – Common filing errors and deductions (Tutorial 2 of 3) NEW YEAR 2016 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2016. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: FULLY UPDATED FOR 2015 TAX RETURNS. Preparing your own tax return is not necessarily a bad idea. For the most part, most Canadians have relatively simple tax matters. However, if you do want to take on the task of filing your own returns, then there are some common filing errors and improper deductions [More] Hello this is Chris from voluntary disclosure and I will be speaking to you about voluntary disclosures. Now what is a voluntary disclosure? Voluntary Disclosure is a method that allows you to file Canadian income tax or GST/HST Returns that were previously not filed or contained unreported income. Filing under this method is advantageous because, if accepted, you can avoid penalties, income tax evasion charges or prosecution. It is important that you file under the Voluntary Disclosure program with Canada Revenue Agency before any investigation is commenced. A common question people ask is what qualifies for a Voluntary [More]
Canadian Personal Tax Returns – The 7 Deadly Sins (Tutorial 1 of 3) FALL 2015 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL DECEMBER 18, 2015. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: In this tutorial and training video, I outline 7 mistakes or omissions that are quite commonly made by Canadians. These filing errors can either get you into some serious trouble with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), or can cost you thousands of dollars in interest and penalties Don’t become the best friend of CRA auditors [More]
Canadian Personal Tax Course – Learn to Prepare Canadian T1 Personal Tax Returns FALL 2015 PROMOTION – ONLY $49 USD ON UDEMY UNTIL DECEMBER 18, 2015. Take the full Canadian Personal Tax Course on Udemy for only $49. Just click on this coupon link: Welcome to the SBC Knowledge Systems Inc. tax return preparation course. If you are looking to learn about how to prepare Canadian personal tax returns and filing T1 returns, then this tax course will give you all you need to prepare about 80% of personal tax returns for Canadians. In this course we will teach [More]
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