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This is a video that some friends from Canada have prepared and asked me to upload. It is about the Canada Revenue Agency thieves, and is part 4 in a series. The Canada Revenue Agency is full of thieves. The so-called Courts are all bought and paid for clerks masquerading as Judges and the lawyers are all liars. Canada is a communist country and it is about time Canadians started to wake up to what is happening. That is also why they want to guns here because we will get the same thing when we have no means to defend [More]
I was getting tired of these calls, so I decided to confront this so called officer at the CRA
The tax rates in canada are usually higher than the united states. For the average family of two parents with one child that bill will be canadians aren’t suffering from health care underfunding; They’re 16 mar 2013 so, how much do these groups pay in taxes? Income earners, although threshold income levels at which they begin to apply vary wildly 15 nov 2016 canadian tax return you need for your small business? That qualifies, but they’re ‘the best’ terms reducing amount owe. Canada does not get same level of return for taxes on health care 4 jan 2017 you can [More]
Folks…I can’t say it enough…Please be fully aware of who you are talking to. They will try and try again to steal your money. Apologies for swearing in the video I just can’t stand these people. Much Luv and be careful out there.
Are there taxes in Canada KNOW MORE ABOUT Are there taxes in Canada Some of these taxes are explicit 8 jan 2018 there’s no question that we pay some hefty tax rates in canada but the report is a little what i call data spin. Sales taxes in canada wikipedia. Restaurants canada canada’s 2018 tax season 6 things you need to know national do canadian expats have pay on income earned outside the overview of charging and collecting sales business selling your home? What new rules mean for. Ca)taxes in canada do the rich pay canadians now paying lower income [More]
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A phone message from scammers claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency. I get these messages at least once a week, sometimes an actual person and sometimes a text-to-speech bot.
Do you get calls from CRA the phone number not to call is (647) 792-7581 Or do call and PRANK them These scumbag idiots call and claim to be from Revenue Canada and that they have conducted an audit on my taxes and that there were several errors made . The only error that was made was them calling me . If you or anyone you know gets a call like this PLEASE don’t fall for it . Report it and let get these guys where they belong . Like and share this as much as you can .
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This is a video that some friends from Canada have prepared and asked me to upload. It is about the Canada Revenue Agency thieves, and is part 3 in a series. The Canada Revenue Agency is full of thieves. The so-called Courts are all bought and paid for clerks masquerading as Judges and the lawyers are all liars. Canada is a communist country and it is about time Canadians started to wake up to what is happening. That is also why they want to guns here because we will get the same thing when we have no means to defend [More]
Non-residents working in Canada for a non-Canadian employee will face new tax implications. Watch this video to find out about these tax rules and how you can minimize your tax obligations. Timeline 0:00 – Introduction 0:25 – Non-Resident Employee 0:44 – How to avoid Canadian payroll taxes 1:02 – File a non-resident tax return 1:11 – New Rules 2:01 – Here’s the tip Canadians who work temporarily in the United States face certain tax implications. This video will explain these tax implications and how you can avoid double taxation. Timeline 0:00 – Intro 0:35 – Ties to Canada 1:03 – [More]
2 Topics are briefly touched on. 1 – Sexist Legislation that effectively denies benefits to fathers. 2 – A CRA endorsed, Government created guide on how to condescend to everyone online. Praise beautiful young woman good. Insult beautiful young woman bad. Get it? Good! Now you know how treat immature, histrionic, borderline, and narcissistic people in the way that they prefer to be treated. You are truly awesome! Pat yourself on the back for knowing that kind words are better than mean words! The Government of Canada is pioneering the future of video games in the honour and spirit of [More]
Scammers looking to make a quick buck are impersonating the Canada Revenue Agency and targeting people in a scam involving iTunes gift cards.
In June 2018, in conjunction with hosting the international tax conference of Nexia International – a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms and one of the top ten global accounting networks, Zeifmans hosted Doing Business Globally: A Tax Update – an international tax seminar in Toronto. The seminar featured 6 speakers from Nexia offices around the world who provided tax updates for each of their respective countries. This presentation will provide an overview of the trends and observations of the Canadian income tax system over the past decade. The presentation will cover such areas as personal taxation, corporate taxation, [More]
As part of a continuing series, this details Canada’s Department of Justice collusion with Canada Revenue Agency tax scandal involving approx 3000 Canadians that were either defrauded or in process of being defrauded by their combined efforts. This is NOT in the news and these agencies have been trying to hush this up since 2012. Many families have been destroyed in what some are calling CRA TAX TERRORISM tactics. The monies being stolen from victims is NOT even going into the Tax Fund, but into a private prizes and awards fund for private use by CRA agents and other cronies. [More]
Please read the Auditor General of Canada’s Fall 2017 reports. If you travel to Canada on a working holiday visa, how much tax will you have to pay? Typically, taxpayers in Canada are liable to pay both Federal and Provincial tax on their income. The good news is that every taxpayer in Canada is entitled to a personal tax-free allowance of $11,809 (for 2018). This means that you can earn up to this amount without paying federal tax on your income. Canadian tax rates are progressive. In other words, the more you earn (over the tax-free allowance), the more tax you’re obliged to pay. For example, federal tax deductions [More]
Html “imx0m” url? Q webcache. Fair share? Charles lammam, hugh macintyre, and milagros palacios. This places canada on the 12th place in international labour organisation statistics for 2012, after france, but before germany. 14 feb 2018 you might pay up to 15 percent in sales tax in canada. Collected a slightly lower than average amount of taxes from its citizens (usd per capita). Income taxes in canada wikipediatax on 100 000,00 $ income tax 52 do canadians really pay more than americans? . Ctf study who pays canada’s income tax bill? Canadian measuring the distribution of taxes in canada do [More]
Revenue Canada Fake Call! Fraud! Beware! I have been getting a lot of calls from fraudulent individuals who pretend I owe 5,000$ to revenue Canada. They even pretend there is an arrest warrant against me! They impersonate Revenue Canada investigator and even RCMP agents. I was able to record almost the whole thing this time and I am sharing with the Facebook community. I edited the audio a little to remove blanks, and a phone number I let them have, hoping I would get the other call back from a fake RCMP officer. Anyway; Here is how they operate; 1) [More]
We Will Have to Issue An Arrest Warrant – Attempted Scam… This from the tax department of Canada Revenue Agency, the reason behind of this call is that there is a case a lawsuit that is getting filed under your name, the moment you receive this message I need you to get back to me on my department division number that is (306) 500-3639, I repeat, (306) 500-3639, now if I don’t hear a call from you, we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested, so get back to me as soon as [More]
We talk about the legality of Taxes in Canada. Is Income Tax LEGAL to charge citizens? Is the Harmonized Tax Legal to charge in Canada? If you want to hear the whole 2-hour show, click here: IN CASE YOUTUBE KILLS US, FOLLOW ON BITCHUTE: DONATE TODAY at Kevin J. Johnston Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: GAB:
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CRA, Canada Revenue Agency – Attempted Scam… The reason behind this call is to notify you that we have registered a criminal case against your name concerning a tax evasion and tax fraud in the federal court house, so if you want any further information about this case, please make sure you give us a call back as quick as possible to our direct hotline number to the Canada Revenue Agency headquarters, that is (613) 927-9919, I will repeat the number, it is (613) 927-9919, if we do not receive a call from your side, please be prepared to face [More]
There’s a culture shift at the CRA. Prominent tax lawyer David Rotfleisch says, “if you get audited, you can expect to get put through the wringer by CRA auditors who defy logic and reason, even when presented with clear evidence of no wrongdoing.”
In this video I’m going to show you how to file your own taxes in Canada for free, using a simple website called Simple Tax ( Time stamps for tax filing sections: 00:40 Open Simple tax 01:56 Your Personal Details 02:32 Residency Details 03:17 Misc. details 03:44 Ontario Trillium enefits (OTB) 04:45 Income from Employment (T4) 06:18 Tuition Credits (T2202A) 07:17 Public Transit Credits 08:01 Donations and Gifts 08:43 Investment Income (T5) 09:15 Income from Tips and Roylaties 10:59 Reviewing your Taxes 12:38 Submitting your Taxes You can ask @Simpletax questions on their Twitter here: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My video Gear: [More]
Description: Shoutout to the hoax hotel for educating me in the scamming of these stupid fake agencies. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE IT IS NOT THE CRA! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! ~ ~ ~ If you are ever not feeling fantastic and you need to talk to a professional about mental health or anything like that, these are the phone numbers you can call within your designated country. People are here for you, they love and support you, and you are not alone. I love you all so much because you keep me going and I hope I can do the same. [More]