Starting your own accounting and bookkeeping firm means contemplating whether or not you need your CPA license or CPA certification in order to start a good practice. I’ll tackle this in this episode. Need Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax planning & Accounting? Check out XENDOO – Xendoo is my Favorite Small Business, All in One Solution for Bookkeeping Software, Bookkeeping Done For You, Payroll Software, Payroll Done For You, CPA Advice, Personal and Corporate Tax Return DONE FOR YOU – all rolled into one. Cost between $150 & $300 a month – but when you piece together everything you get, you’ll [More]
This video explains online bookkeeping tips, and best accounting practices for business. We discuss what cloud computing and accounting software allows you to growth your business and work more productively. This video defines bookkeeping, accounting transactions, and financial statements. The related blog post is here: Visit Accounting Accidentally to read 300+ blog posts on accounting and finance, and 400+ You Tube videos. Welcome To Accounting Accidentally!
Its that topic that few people like to talk about, taxes! But with tax season fast approaching, business owners like you need to know the most important information to stay productive. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott invites Josh Bauerle back on the podcast to talk about all the relevant info sellers like you need to be aware of for the upcoming tax season. Together they cover why bookkeeping is so important, when to outsource a bookkeeper, what you can deduct as a business owner, what to do will inventory that won’t sell, what type of business entities [More]
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In this video, I explain about the importance of keeping records of all of your expenses for Amazon FBA, which I have made easier by including a free Amazon FBA UK expense tracker. I then discuss two pieces of software that I love – Xero and LinkMyBooks, both of which completely automate book keeping and will reduce your accounting costs massively! To find out more about Xero, go to To learn more about LinkMyBooks, and to grab your 30% discount, go to ⭐The Ultimate Amazon FBA Course Package + My Unlimited Support – ✉️ To get in [More]
An overview of what careers one can pursue in the field of accounting and bookkeeping.
Learn the keys of how to grow your small business with my top 5 small business bookkeeping tips! You can find new videos every Wednesday & Friday on our channel. Check us out on the following social media platforms: Website – Facebook – Linked-in – Instagram – Twitter – About: This video contains my top 5 small business bookkeeping tips to help you grow your business. The tips and opinions are based on my own experience as a bookkeeping business owner myself. I’d love to help you grow your business, so leave comments and feedback [More]
Founded in 2011, we live up to our reputation as a reliable, and specialist outsource accounting service, straddling the full suite of support and advisory services to accountants and the organisations they represent in the UK. We bank on our impressive team size of 90+ professionals who offer the sharpest advice and full complement of support services to businesses, helping clients pursue core business objectives. We cherry pick our professionals from the brightest who emerge from specialist courses related to British accounting requirements. The accretion of accounting knowledge over the years, and our spectacular success have benefitted clients immensely, freeing [More]
Natalie completed her Online FNS40615 and FNS40215 Certificate IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping with Monarch institute, and literally hasn’t looked back. She now has a successful bookkeeping business. Natalie describes how she gained the courage to leave her job, and simply start! Justin, one of Natalie’s early clients outlines the value of outsourcing bookkeeping services for his limousine business. Call Monarch on 1300 738 955 to chat about our Online Accounting and Bookkeeping courses.
For more tips to grow your business from a Sunshine Coast based Accountant who actually cares… be sure to subscribe or visit Don’t be flying blind when it comes to your critical business numbers. When you understand and track these three key numbers in your business you’ll be setting yourself up for success over the long term. In this video Chris Eccles from Empower Accounting and Advisory shares more about the 3 numbers that all business owners should know. – Gross Profit – Break Even Point – and Account Receivable Days. So let me ask you, how many of [More]
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Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Check out my video on what I would do differently if I were starting a bookkeeping business today: AJ Stockwell is a licensed CPA and the owner of Learn Bookkeeping Today LLC and My Virtual CFO LLC. He is a small business accounting and finance expert with a passion for sharing high-quality informative content for: -Bookkeepers and aspiring bookkeepers or college students who are considering a career in accounting or starting their own bookkeeping business. -Business owners who want to better understand their numbers or improve their accounting processes and controls. -CPAs [More]
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If you are doing your bookkeeping and get a bit stuck and need some support or just an experienced bookkeeper to sanity check something what do you do? Email support does not suit everyone, sometimes you just need a quick chat with someone to work out where you went wrong. This is a service SIlicon Bullet can offer – remote support to help when you are tearing your hair out with frustration. For more helpful bookkeeping hints and tips take a look at
Another frequently asked question is when can I submit my tax return. Many people believe that if you submit your UK tax return early then you have to pay the tax early too – that is not the case. There is no good reason to wait until January to submit your tax return. In fact, watch my video for the reasons why you should get on top of your bookkeeping and submit early. For more tips go to or subscribe to the SIlicon Bullet YourTube channel.
Most Secure and Reliable way to outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping services, With 6000+ satisfied clients and GDPR compliant process
If you’re a new business owner, I’d like to give you some tips on what I recommend to make sure you’re off to a good start with your accounting and bookkeeping processes. Everything from tips on cash flow and handling audits, to proper record keeping and more, are here in my Top 5 Bookkeeping Tips for Small Businesses, as always, if you have questions drop a comment and I’ll be happy to help you out!
Our latest installment in our educational series covers Small Business Tax and Accounting! Most small businesses can’t do their own bookkeeping, or if they are, they aren’t doing it efficiently and taking advantage of all the tax credits and tax deductions. with all the new changes to the tax code, you could be paying more money in taxes that you should. This is why you should consider getting someone to do your bookkeeping for you! Find a CPA or business accountant that can help you with bookkeeping and keep your business compliant with the IRS and the U.S. Tax Code. [More]
Josiah Detwiler shares bookkeeping tips that will help you run your plexus business more efficiently and save money on your taxes!
We all know the benefits that come with being on top of your bookkeeping. You will be happier because you can keep track of spending and your profits and you have real time information about who you owe and who owes you. Here are our Top 5 Bookkeeping Tips for small business owners and those that are self employed. Contact us to find out how we can take the hassle out of your Year End Accounting: 01736 755107 01922 744117
Every accounting firm experiences this whether small or large, on-boarding the new client. For some as they grow this is a regular process as they grow the firm. For others this is occasional and erratic. Either way, this is an essential, dare we say your first impression with the client. This is your time to SHINE and over-deliver but too often it is filled with frustrations and problems. Learn now what you can do to avoid the mistakes so often made when on-boarding a new client. See what you can do as a large firm to manage the process and [More]
Are you a small New Zealand business owner who is fed up with sorting your business’ accounts? Do you need someone to take care of your tax returns, GST, expenses, invoices and bookkeeping needs? Calculated Advantage are here to your rescue! Call us on 021 171 4802
Visit us at and join for free. Ignite Your Practice! Great learning, CPE and tools to ignite any practice, business or life. is an online resource for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners. We help tax professionals, QuickBooks ProAdvisors, enrolled agents, CPAs, business owners and students ignite their businesses and lives. Our focus is on growth, prospecting new clients, practice development, project and task management, branding, marketing, technology, automation, and literally anything that will help your practice, business or life achieve more, earn more, do more. Our content is provided by our faculty and renowned authors and industry leaders [More]
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One of most common questions I hear on social media and in forums is should I use Sage or should I use Xero for my small business bookkeeping. Watch this short video to help you make that decision. For more hints and tips take a look at
To maximize your deductions and minimize your stress, you MUST be proactive about your bookkeeping. If you are not keeping up with your bookkeeping on a regular basis, you need to make that a priority. Here are five reasons not to put off your bookkeeping until the end of the year. Get your freebie download at
Do you need to print out and keep copies of all the invoices and receipts you are sent in your business? Watch this short video to learn the answer. For more useful hints and tips check out www,
Corporate Video of Fiscal Accounting and Bookkeeping
When you first start your business doing your bookkeeping in excel may seem like a great idea, but watch my video for reasons why it might be better to use a proper accounting package. For more hints and tips take a look at