T4 Tax Slip: Everything you need to know!

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This is the season for Tax filing and in this video I’m giving my 2 cents on what a T4 slip is and what all the numbers mean.

There is no need to be scared of the finances and documents like T4, they are really simple to understand, and it’s a good thing to keep a knowledge about them

Canada Revenue Agency (T4): https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/forms/t4-statement-remuneration-paid-slip.html

T4 Tax Slip: Everything you need to know!

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Paul Emanon says:

I worked for fake employer 1 and the supervisor was a jerk. I Quit asap. lol


Hey Bhavin! I'm a first time tax return filer. CRA website doesn't let me register, what are my options if I will be coming back to Canada only after 30 April?

Tiny Teeny says:

please make a video explaining Income Tax and Benefit Return, honestly I just want to know how much I get back and the calculation…:D it's confusing, thank you for the previous video btw it's helps 🙂

Michael says:

So what happens if the social insurance number on my T4 isn’t the same as my legal one? What should I do

jordan Michael says:

Sponsored by cocoa puffs??

Lit Man says:

Yea but what box shows the amount I’m getting back???

Sulaiman Khan says:

informative…. thanks buddy

hellohihwru says:

Hi Bhavin …..Thanks for the informative video . I would be filling my tax for the first time . I dont have my account yet on CRA as well . So would be taking help from a tax firm . Thanks again !

Hatim Thathiya says:

Please make video on tax file for the first time

Jaskaran Singh Pawar says:

Thanks! Very informative video!
Love your videos!

abdul wasim shaik says:

hello bro I'm looking for to join in george brown college and I'm confused regarding course selection after 1 year pg in marketing in financial management and later which course will be relevant to this so that i can later get work permit of 3 years.please help me bro. Thanks in advance 🙂

giriraj yadav says:

Make video about tax slab of canada

Dheeraj A S says:

Pretty boring video :p

Tirth Patel says:

Are you commersh student ?

Asad Rehman says:

Bro if u talk in Hindi ..
Ur videos have high views …Nd subscribers also

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