Starting a Bookkeeping Business

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Diana Garcia says:

This is great information! Thank you! I am thinking of starting my bookkeeping company and this video has helped a lot.

Diogo Fagundes says:

Hi Hector, first of all nice video.

My background is on Financial planning and analysis (Budget, forecast, etc), so I would like to change to bookkeeper. Do you think I am have good chances to change? I'm not from US. Do you think it is possible to work remotely? Thank you.

G Martinez says:

Amazing pieces of advice. The first battle to win on my end it is the afraid to do mistakes at the beginning. The afraid to do not know the answer of a question asked in front of me. I have a degree in accounting, I got a certificate in accounting at the local community college, I have opened an small individual tax preparer office, I use to get updates and continuing education and I still have afraid to fail in this field of bookkeeping because going too low in service prices or do not implement the learning curve accurately in decent time.

Spanish Classes says:

Very educational video, thank you!

Diana Sabari says:


Daniel Iles - Small Business says:

I have been watching your videos for the better part of a year and just now stumbled on this video. Content summarizing how a business is ran is always so rare and valuable on YouTube. Keep it up Hector, you are a motivation to many, even if we don’t always leave a comment to say so!

Legit Madman Gaming says:

I work for QBO, had a few customers ask me for some good video to learn QB I told them about your youtube channel

Rosie Florido says:

I am doing as much research as possible before venturing out on my own and this video was most definitely informative and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Bill P says:

Great video.

Syed Jaffer Zaidi says:

Hi, I have a question which I think you can answer:

I want to work on a freelance website as a bookkeeper where clients will be keep changing after ever few months (short term projects), I have QuickBooks Desktop installed on my laptop so how do I set it up for freelance bookkeeping service? Should set up a new company everytime I get a new client or set up company on my name?

Also tell me if I get an offer from a client to work as a freelance bookkeeper for him, do I have to become a user in his QuickBooks system (what happens usually on freelance sites like upwork? when they offer you a job do they make you a user on their QuickBooks system or you have to set up their company on your desktop version to work with their transactions?)

Sorry to be annoying but please let me know if you are familiar with these things.

Mrs. Shampale says:

Great video and information, thanks Hector.

dan g says:

Can you give us an example of "bookkeeping support" ?

Sai Prayastha says:

May i have your Facebook id please

Sai Prayastha says:

Hi Sir,
I really need your guidance and help for my start up business plan

Sai Prayastha says:

I'm an young man and I'm planning to set up an bookkeeping bysiness and i found this video, this is really amazing

James Hobbs says:

Thank you so much for this all encompassing well defined and documented "Plan of Action"! It is exactly what I needed!

Ann Thennes says:

Thank you so much for this video.  Lots to think about now!

Stacey Smith says:

I enjoy your videos. Great info. 👍🏾👍🏾

Rafay Brite Academy says:

I want to work with you, can you please give me your extra work

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