SSC Class 9 | Algebra | Financial Planning | Practice Set 6.1

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Is video me sare questions Practice Set 6.1 ke solved hai, uske introduction ke sath me. Yeh sare questions new syllabus ke according bnaye gye hai. Basically isme apko pta lgega

1. Basics of Financial Planning

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Farheen Shaikh says:

Thank you sir for teaching us….but one question in 3rd sum who you got x=62x+1900000Γ·100….please I am confused….please help me

Shashikant Sawant says:

very good Sir πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Cracked Comedy says:

Thanks sir i am Asif Sayyed from cracked comedy and it also help me a lot , literally a lot thank you because of you i got very good marks

They call me Shree says:

Thank you sir

They call me Shree says:

Sir I m from St Joseph's convent .Our exams are starting from 4 our algebra portion excludes of financial planning but includes of statistics can you please update the video for me and my friends please

Shivesh Borse says:

How the last sum answer came

Ananda Deshpande says:

sir my name is rushikesh Deshpande and I live in latur Maharashtra my marks is 39 in algebra and 40 in geometry my school teacher was happy and they clap me and all students clap for me

Ananda Deshpande says:

you are best teacher in world

Parag Chimankar says:

videos are extremely good….. but it will be better I you solve examples on blackboard rather than on computer

Jadhav Gayatri says:

please upload circle

Babulal sonawane says:


subhash kumar says:

Amita invested some part of 35000 rupees at 4%and the rest at 5%interest for one year. Altogether her gain was Ra. 1530.Find out the amounts she had invested at the two different rates. Sir plz this some solve.

ishwar bhole says:

thanks. sir for help I wish I top in exam also

Adarsh Gawade says:

sir ap bahut acha sakha rahe

Neha Rizvi says:

Please upload trigonometry !

Ankit Singh says:

It is a very best channel for studing

Soni Bhagat says:

How the sum it get 10,000 Rs from algebra 6.1

Avi Patil says:

when 6.2 parcitce set coming

Santosh Jadhav says:

sir apka what's up no. bhejon na plzπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

metronome SA says:

Please upload the next ex in geometry

Adesh Wakode says:

Tnx sir for uploading lot of algebra and geometry videos I got 40/40 in geometry and 40/37 marks in algebra. Only because of you .Tnx


Pls upload 6.2 sir

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