Scam Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Call Captured On Video.

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Scam Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Call Captured On Video.
May 23 2016 – Happy Victoria Day to all Canadians
Me and my family just returned from Niagara Falls after the Victoria Day long weekend . My wife recieved this call she was aware of this scam (thanks to Toronto Police and CRA for awareness, we already watched the local news @ CP24 couple of weeks ago) . This guy threatened her with reporting to police and forwarding our case to court and said if we pay 6000 dollars we will be cleared of there list.

These fools were not aware of this thing that CRA will never call you and ask for money and also because of Victoria Day all government offices are closed today.

I am sorry for keeping the camera too close to my face, I was just trying to get the clear voice and also the number on the Caller ID.

Watch the video, Enjoy and have a good day ….


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