Ron Paul: We don’t need the IRS

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Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul on why the U.S. doesn’t need the IRS, TSA and VA.


Stupid Storm says:

Get rid of all of them.

SpuderMawn says:

we must sign a petition to end the IRS. we honestly don't need them. the people have the right to choose what they want. lets do something now everyone..honestly do you want to keep stressing over taxes every year on April 15th??? they're thieves taking away our hard earned money

Max Freedom says:

Abolish all taxes.

Let Freedom reign.

Enigma Productions says:

Abolish the IRS and TSA but keep the VA

bill maxwell says:

va is big pharma

bill maxwell says:

Go to a flat tax vat like Europe there is no irs in europe and tax's should not be collected like they are now in the u.s.again another sick loser gov daycare center

bill maxwell says:

tsa is a nasty moocher loser daycare center bush wanted a republican labor union and did not care if they were @@%Tbags and gues what they are

Free Speech says:

Abolish CIA, FBI and NSA. Only people do aeroplane into bomb is CIA. Small govt is only way. At present elites wants to control the world.

Joel Moreno says:

I agree with Ron Paul, all them three agencies are garbage.

Rod Martin, Jr. says:

Fox Business show us where anyone used airplanes as bombs, and then look far more closely at that idea. Muslims didn't do 9/11. And the top 6 military officers responsible for FAILING to protect the country on 9/11 all received promotions instead of courts martial. Do any of you know of a time in history, in any country, where deadly and costly military incompetence was rewarded and a court martial was not called?

9/11 was an inside job. Just look into the 2nd largest CIA building on Earth being dropped at perfect free fall acceleration late in the afternoon on 9/11. Either the CIA is deadly incompetent for not detecting the wiring of their own building with explosives and incendiaries, or they were complicit. (Ref: Favorable Incompetence, Tharsis Highlands Publishing).

Libertarian Prince says:

DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government Paperback – May 28, 2013
by Jesse Ventura (Author), Dick Russell (Contributor)

Anthony Webster says:

Taxation is THEFT.

Carlos Phillips says:

Get rid of the IRS and the fed.

Carlos Phillips says:


HyungJoon Joo says:

Don’t we all want to get rid Of IRS? Why fight it? I don’t get you people.

James Greer says:

A flat tax is the only way.

JoysFavoriteThings says:

2018-07-07, when she asks Ron Paul if we did away with the IRS, how would taxes be collected and how would government function, I wish Ron Paul had referenced PRESIDENT REAGAN'S PRIVATE SECTOR SURVEY ON COST CONTROL: A REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT (1984), by J. Peter Grace. Also known as the "Grace Commission Report," it reveals that NONE — NOT ONE DIME — of the INCOME TAX revenue collected goes toward running government and government providing services people expect from government….NONE OF IT! So OBVIOUSLY the 'Income Tax' does NOT fund the functioning of government AT ALL!

All those TENS to HUNDREDS of $ MILLIONS collected PER HOUR — YES, THAT'S PER HOUR — by the IRS goes to the criminal Federal Reserve BANKSTERS to 'pay' the fraudulent 'interest' on the fraudulent 'debt' of the United States on fraudulent 'loans' from the Federal Reserve banking system, which is NO MORE "FEDERAL" than FEDERAL EXPRESS.

The Federal Reserve BANKSTERS have created a MONOPOLY on COUNTERFEITING , and they and their accomplice co-conspirators — the 'GOVERNMENTS' (BOTH federal and state) — and have effectively ENSLAVED the American people thereby. The United States could lawfully PRINT IT'S OWN "UNITED STATES NOTES" (as opposed to the current "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES"), and there would be ZERO INTEREST owed on the UNITED STATES NOTES.

President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 and began printing UNITED STATES NOTES, based on silver (lawful money), and within about 3 months from doing so, he was murdered, because he dared to go up against the Federal Reserve BANKSTERS and their unlawful, criminal power and control. One of the FIRST things that the BANKSTERS' puppet JOHNSON did when he took office was to STOP the lawful printing of UNITED STATES NOTES. He and so many other government officials are TRAITORS to the Constitution and to the American people.

JoysFavoriteThings says:

2018-07-07, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL …there is NOWHERE in the Constitution were there is any express power and authority granted to Congress / government to turn over the Nation's money supply to PRIVATE banks! The IRS is just the mafia-like exaction arm of the criminal Federal Reserve System, exacting 'money' from the American people through threat, duress, coercion, intimidation, and force. They are criminals. Look up the definition of "exaction"…it is WORSE than "extortion", and exactions are included, of all places, in the "Civil Rights Act." Sick… The Civil Rights Act is LEGISLATED 'rights,' which are actually 'privileges'…government grants 'privileges'…people are granted RIGHTS that are endowed within them by CREATOR / SOURCE…ALL people have these rights because they, each and every individual, exists.

JoysFavoriteThings says:

2018-07-07, chantal Amino, hear hear! Ron Paul is the GREATEST President we never had… he is a true statesman and man of honor and integrity, and always did his best to uphold his lawfully-required Oath of Office. And, he is indeed, as he claims, the CHAMPION of the Constitution, and of people's inherent, unalienable, individual, Creator-endowed rights…love him! America would be what it was designed and intended to be if many more politicians were like Ron Paul. He truly is a GREAT man.

chantal Amino says:

Dr Paul was the most intelligent presidential candidate in your American history. It's a shame your country is controlled by the jewish zionest cabal because I truly believe he would have changed the world. Forget JFK, he came from a gangster and rapist family, its not one brilliant speech that will make my feelings change about the Kennedy's , they were scum. But Ron Paul was the real deal .

Chet Pomeroy says:

Both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Code, are scrupulously Constitutional. This is so because there are strict limitations on IRS authority as underscored in the Treasury Regulations and in our Federal tax laws. The problem is that most of us, as well as most of those at the IRS, are unaware of these limitations set forth in law. However, more and more people are becoming aware of those limitations written down in our Federal tax laws and have used them to their advantage.

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