“Revenue Canada” scammer calls to tell me I owe money

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“Revenue Canada” scammer calls to tell me I owe money. The RCMP are on their way to arrest me. I called back to have a little fun with them. Phone number they called me with was 613-699-4491, person I called was allegedly Norman Clark ID# 4999A Feel free to plug up their phone lines! This scam has been going around for some time, the newspapers have been covering it as well. I missed the original call as I was not in the room. So, I called them back.


Ceejays Favs says:

Thank you so much for doing this. He sounded legit.

Alec Grolimond says:

I really liked this video thank you! Good Canadian smile while talking to the scammer!


Mine was robert O'Malley but he had an indian accent lol

kathy janzen says:

Lol !! Everyone I know has gotten a call like this ?

John B says:

lol there are so many pitfalls for these scammers in Canada that it really makes me wonder how or why they continue.
They can get peoples addresses, but very rarely P.O boxes, let alone SIN and other information such as D.O.B etc. – makes me laugh

Justin Tremblay says:

can we troll the scammer with the number that you gave in your comment

nNN bBB says:

It's funny how they think it helps to make up an anglo name, like there are no people in Canada or the US with Indian names.

Roberts TV says:

Xlt badass response.

Liberty Azucena says:

Thanks so much. I did get those messages in my machine and it sounded like a horror movie.

Johnathan Sawyer says:

awesome thanks for sharing

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