QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

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ON AIR with DYLAN says:

Thank you for such a thorough video. I was on the fence with the desktop vs online platform. I think this video has leaned me towards the desktop version. Do you have any updates with the software since posting this video in 2015?

juangreenwich says:

I made my Quickbooks desktop and made it remotely but putting the Datafile on Dropbox. The file with the extension QWB
This way I can use Quickbooks from any of my computers

Michael S says:

Thanks for taking the time to share! Very nicely done. 🙂

Erik Glenn says:

Just found your video Connie! Thanks for the insight in language I can understand. I'm the Executive Director of a young nonprofit looking to track individual donations and small grants. You gave me a lot of great thinks to think over.

Look at Black women being powerful, wonderful, and wise <3

Everette Singleton says:

I didn't know about quickbooks Desktop and i wasn't a fan about a online subscription so i purchased Quicken Home and Business. It was a lot cheaper and easy to use. I hope it works out. I miss MS Money. May try the free demo

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