Quickbooks Online Accounts Payable Tutorial 2018 – Understanding AP in Quickbooks Online

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http://QBUniversity.org – This Quickbooks Online Account Payable Tutorial 2018 walks you through the various steps in the accounts payable process using Quickbooks Online.

It starts with setting up your vendors (which you can also do as you enter bills), entering your bills, tracking your accounts payable aging, to paying your bills.

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Lin says:

Perfect!!! Very well detailed explained. THANKS

Kristy Mccoy says:

Very easy to follow…thanks for videos.

Guiselle Villamar says:

I really like how do you explained .. I want to continue to watch your QB tutorial

Zac Atkinson says:

you sound like Adam Corolla LOL

Tracy Harris says:

How do I place a vendor account on payment hold? I want to be sure a particular invoice doesn't show up on my A/P report and accidentally get paid

The Quickbooks University says:

Any questions please let me know!

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