QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Mastering Bank Feeds (Online Banking)

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Check out the video on the basics of connecting the Bank feeds (part 1 version of this video):


Gen Lin says:

If. I want to hire someone to manage my quick books online will I be able to do this? I want something that I have control over but I can allow bookkeeper I hire to manage. Is this right fit? This will be for personal finances and solo entrepreneur. Projects.

Galaxy Glass says:

can you actually delete bank transactions if it was a personal expense? and second question how does it read transfer from bank to bank like a gain or borrow or can i tell it what is is? like if is my personal account to my business account like when i have my account low and need funds that kind of stuff?

Lindsey LaBrot says:

How do we get the slides for this video? Thanks!

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