QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial: Getting Started, Chart of Accounts, and Complete Walkthrough

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First, setup a new account for free (30 day trial) www.quickbooks50.com

Topics Covered in this video:
00) Intro and Using Google Chrome as your main browser for QuickBooks Online
01)  00:02:51 Setting up a free trial: www.quickbooks50.com
02)  00:03:38 Choosing the right version of QBO, we will start with ESSENTIALS
03)  00:08:00 Configuring QuickBooks Settings for your business
04)  00:19:28 Setting up your Chart of Accounts
05)  00:46:12 Connecting you Bank to QuickBooks
06)  00:51:20 Setting up new Customers and Vendors
07)  00:57:30 Creating opening balances for existing customers and vendors
08)  01:00:02 Creating Products and Services (Items)
09) 01:05:02 Creating Estimates and Invoices, Sales Receipts, Getting Customer Payments
10)  01:14:01 Creating Bills, Receiving Customer Payments and Paying Bills (Accounts Payable)
11) 01:32:27 Creating Transfers, Working Bank Registers, and Bank Reconciliation
12) 01:37:33 Journal Entries, and Customer Statements
13) 01:40:00 Enable Purchase Orders and Receiving Inventory (PLUS EDITION ONLY)
14) 01:48:40 Transactions with Inventory (PLUS EDITION ONLY)
15) 01:52:32 Creating Budgets and Budget vs. Actual Reports, plus Job Costing basics (PLUS EDITION ONLY)
17) 01:57:02 Outro and Connecting with your Accountant

What is not covered on this video?
Timesheets, Payroll, Sales Tax, 1099-Misc Forms, Online Banking / Bank Feeds, Inventory Management, Error Correction, Accountants Tools, Project/Job Costing, Working with Classes and/or Location, Customizing Reports, Credit Memos, Refunds, Vendor Credits, Batch Printing, QuickBooks Labs, Importing Data, Converting from Desktop, Advanced searching tools, Recurring Transactions, QuickBooks Payments, Audit Log, Connecting Apps, and may have missed other small things…

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Elizabeth Schramm says:

I have a question about quickbooks. I bought quickbook pro 2018 to help me with a home business. I purchase supplies to make products with. I want to keep tract of supplies, cost of making products and inventory. This program won't work will it? What program do I need?

kiran G says:

Can you pls do a video on PAYROLL..!!?

Jessica Do says:

This tutorial is very easy to understand. Thank you.

Nm live says:

Very good! Tks.

Elijah Criss says:

Thanks Hector! Your videos help me out so much!

Zheng Li says:

Haha, you spelled Toyoya instead of Toyota.

Jocelyn Hernandez Torres says:

Anyone certified in Quickbooks? DM me, I need help with my certification test.

Timothy Rogers says:

Great overview. Thank you!

Ro Cubillos says:

Good job! Gracias!

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