QuickBooks Online 2017 Tutorial: Purchase Orders and NEW Partial Receiving JULY 2017

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Hector Garcia, CPA shows you how purchase orders work in QuickBooks Online Plus and how to do NEW partial receiving


john says:

Hey Hector, thank you for the video. Is the partial receiving only available on Quickbooks online plus and not on Quickbooks Enterprise?

Jeannie Crook says:

Can this be used by a general contractor for subcontractor payments? I'd like to create a purchase order for the bid amount from a subcontractor, then as they bill us (usually on a percentage basis) create a bill on the purchase order. We're trying to find an easy way to make sure the total bills we receive from subcontractors on our jobs do not exceed the bid they gave us. We don't have quantities of items received, backordered though?

carlos morey says:

so i just started using QB Online…I was using QB for MAc…..I imported all My data and it looks fine for the most part however all my previos PO's that were on MAc when i receive the inventory for it on the online side it doesnt take it as an item it takes it in the upper area i think account details and its just takes in the items as an inventory assest vs as an actual indiviual item…..Then i tried to look at my items list and noticed i cant find an area where it tells me how much of an item i have in stock…So yeah super frustrated trying to transition over from a system i knew inside and out…..any comments on this issue im having?

Shauna Wortinger says:

This is great! A needed feature in QB if you are tracking inventory. A client of mine will love this, as this was one of the reasons they were looking for an outside app, but now not needed. Yeah, Quickbooks! and thanks Hector for a timely video!

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