QuickBooks Online 2017 Tutorial: Getting Started

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Quickbooks Online 2017 Tutorial for Beginners – getting started. Recorded July 2017 by Hector Garcia CPA. QuickBooks Tutorial free. QuickBooks Online free tutorial.


Diana Hall says:

do you have tutorial on setting up chart of accounts for investment property improvement

Shawna Young says:

This video was very helpful. I have been tasked wih cleaning up my company's quickbooks. Some of the things I have come across are payments being received in the invoice section as well as the bank section and then in the individual customer account, it shows up twice. I want to figure out how to fix that so it all looks cleaner and we have a more accurate accounting of what is going on,.

Ct House says:

Excellent video

ndelpurg says:

i bought some of your courses on udemy, some basic accouniting debits credits ! financial statements income and balance sheet as it relates to quickbooks I learned a lot ( like in your video the first accounts in chart of accounts are your balance sheet, ( they have balance ) then the following accts are part of income statement (like that incorporate the two quickbooks and acounting ) THANK YOU !

Hector Garcia CPA says:

What video should I do next?

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