QuickBooks Desktop Vs QuickBooks Online – 2019

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QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks online will discuss some of the pros and cons between the two major QuickBooks categories. When choosing accounting software there are many options. If we have narrowed down the field to QuickBooks we need to keep narrowing. QuickBooks has two major categories, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Within each category we have more options to consider.
Many of the differences between the two QuickBooks software packages stem from one being cloud based and one being installed on the computer. QuickBooks Desktop has a one time fee while QuickBooks online is paid with a subscription. QuickBooks Pro can handle multiple user with one QuickBooks program while we wee to set up new accounts for each new company when using QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop allows for static backups to be made while QhiclBooks online is stored on the Intuit servers. The look and feel of the two QuickBooks packages are much different.
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mel pe says:

Question, what software do cpas use on a daily basis for their firm? I’m looking to start a small firm next year. Thank you and greate presentation

Cymbria Campground says:

One of the huge differences (that can be a real deal-breaker) is that if you use payroll with the CANADIAN VERSION desktop editions, you must buy a whole new desktop product once quickbooks releases a new version if you wish to continue using payroll. This means buying a new desktop product once a year just to enter payroll. I have been told by sales/support that it is not possible to manually enter employees and run payroll via general journal entries. The company does not advertise these evil facts. Thanks for the informative videos!

Adele Jeavons says:

Is it a one time purchase ? QB told me is £24 a month

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