Quick eBay Bookkeeping & Accounting Tip: Know Your Numbers

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Book Keeping Spreadsheet https://tinyurl.com/3krs782

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Sarah Ertz says:

Very helpful- thank you- very precise and to the point. Yes do more like this please

Waneta Boyce says:

Thank you for this video. I have a Shopify store drop shipping and selling vintage glass I personally source. For the glass I've created SKUs to help track. As I expand into Ebay and other venues i will continue using SKUs.

Melissa N. says:

Thank you for the great info! Are there more of these videos? I am wondering how you keep track of your fees from PayPal and eBay and also what a monthly expense report might look like.

Missy Laneous says:

You have the best material! I love how organized, encouraging, and well laid out your processes are. I believe you represent the true soul of ebay. Not the get rich quick schemers, but the ordinary citizens having fun making a business out of this.

Hindasound says:

Hi Suzanne – I love this, thank you! It has been DECADES since I sold on ebay. I used to make enough each month to pay for disposable diapers LOL I am eager to get back on board.

Rosalyn Stadler says:

GREAT VIDEO!!! Is it important to record the date on when your item sold?

epovarich says:

Suzanne, you are fantastic! ❤️ Thank you 🙏🏻!
I just started to enter my numbers in the ledger! And then I saw your video and it’s exactly what I needed!
Please, accept the deepest gratitude for your time and all the knowledge that you are sharing with all of us! ☺️

zankat7 says:

How do you calculate the fees column? I heard in the video that fees should update automatically, but what should the formula consist of?

Kathleen Breese says:

Hi – Thank you, that was helpful.  I did wonder why you don't have a column on your completed listings spreadsheet for the State it went to for sales tax purposes.  I have that on mine so I can calculate what I owe to my State.  TIA

ritajandj says:

And yes, please, more videos like this. Thank you.

ritajandj says:

Another excellent video, Suzanne. I bought the spreadsheet You suggested years ago. I have really enjoyed it. A question I have is once you remove the item from your inventory once it sells it leaves a blank space. How do you move the other items up so you don’t have a whole column of blank spaces?

Andy Pfleiderer says:

Thank you Suzanne! You’re the BEST

Linda Susan says:

Liked. Nice to show your excel spreadsheet with the Fees included.

Nancy Roca says:

I do something similar, but I found a lot of tips to improve my spreadsheet. I just have one spreadsheet, when I sell an item I calculated the numbers again and add the sale date, but your method is absolutely easier. Thank you so much, Suzanne

KendrasOutlet says:

Love these types of videos! So helpful for people like me that are awful at math and figuring out my numbers

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