Public Accounting, Episode 3.5, (xtranormal) witn3ssthefitn3ss

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Based on actual events.


begood4000 says:

Good to see others using xtranormal too.

I make videos with it as well. Check them out sometime.

dellerbr1 says:

Love it! Keep 'em coming. We all know that there could be a short written about every single day in the life of an auditor.

jacejai says:

@HisDivineShadow245 LOL, but I felt this was a discussion more for the HR guy than Sharon. Either way, bring on the engagement partner! Multiple job managers! And of course engagement feedback/appraisals 🙂

I3lackcell says:

haha this seriously got sent around my office by a senior manager, they are aware that this is our life, just no one cares.

HisDivineShadow245 says:

@jacejai I am sure this exact conversation has happened no less than 114,756 times as of today.

jacejai says:

Lol if this really happened!!!!!! Gold.

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