Pres. Trump Still Under Audit By IRS? | The View

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Sora says:

These women are mentally ill…

somuchkooleronline. says:

Remember the movie RANSOM ?? Remember Patty Hearst ?? There's good reason to play your cards close to your shirt.

WARDified Wes says:

Oh, the view.



Shanta Favors says:

they're auditing his lies they just keep on coming

Matt Renfro says:

The view is not news

Ian Furnell says:

Jed you know the Freedom Caucus didn't support Trump care because it took too much enough away from people or would hurt people. They didn't care if 24 million people lost their health care, they want the pre existing conditions clause gone too so don't pretend they didn't support it on some moral/ethical basis, they didn't support it because it wasn't draconian enough.

Angelo Armenta says:

alma P is an idiot .. 'Cause he's president'

riverw007 says:

Cluck cluck cluck squawk squawk squawk.

E. M. Fisher says:

Trump fucking used the rick Perry line that he's a Christian so he shouldn't release taxes ???

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