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I.R.S. Is Filing The Lawsuit Against You – Attempted Scam… Hello, we have been trying to reach you, this call is a final notice from Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service, the reason of this call is to inform you that I.R.S. is filing the lawsuit against you, we need you or your retained attorney on record to return the call, the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive, please call us immediately, (724) 512-8118, I repeat (724) 512-8118, thank you. Caller ID: (724) 512-8118, SW Pennsylvania BBB – Better Business Bureau BBB Warning: If Caller Asks “Can You Hear [More]
Call our office 954-414-1524 to setup a private training/consultation about QuickBooks, Excel, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Taxes, and/or General Business Consulting (rates vary fro $250 to $525) for first consultation depending on length and consultant required. E-mail Hector your questions hector@garciacpa.com To setup a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Online and then a 50% http://www.quickbooksoffer.com/?cid=irp-4337#pricing
1966 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Film Right on the Button: Electronic Machines Speed IRS Tax Returns Processing For All The U.S. A mid-60s introduction to how the IRS uses computers and Automatic Data Processing (ADP), with lots of footage of early mainframe computer hardware. The IBM 700/7000 series was a series of large-scale (mainframe) computer systems made by IBM through the 1950s and early 1960s. The series included several different, incompatible processor architectures. The 700s used vacuum tube logic and were made obsolete by the introduction of the transistorized 7000s. The 7000s, in turn, were eventually replaced by System/360, which [More]
Here is an interesting video on YouTube .. * YouTube Description www.newburghaccountant.com Free ebook – how to find a competent accountant in Newburgh, NY. Learn about preparing taxes, get help with irs problems, tax planning tips. Source: http://www.youtube.com/v/JKRTZtyDO70?f=videos&app=youtube_gdata
Rochester Chamber Toastmasters Craig Weckwerth plays Humor Master and offers us some laughs at the expense of his vocation; he presents “Accounting Humor.” Please be our guest on any Thursday morning of your choice. No need to call or email ahead of time. We meet Thursday mornings, 7- 8 am, in the Chamber of Commerce conference room, street level, Holiday Inn Downtown, Rochester, MN. Visit our website for more information please: http://rochester.toastmastersclubs.org
As previously reported, you can Get 15% Back In Federal Home Renovation Tax Credits When You Spend Over $1,000 on Home Improvement Renovations .. and this is only available for the 2009 taxation year. Here follows more information for your perusal. SOURCE: HRTC Page Non-Refundable Tax Credit Under proposed changes, you can claim a non-refundable tax credit on your 2009 Canadian Income Tax Return based on eligible expenditures incurred for work performed or goods acquired after January 27, 2009, and before February 1, 2010, in respect of an eligible dwelling. The Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) applies to eligible expenditures [More]
The following News Releases or Speeches was posted on the Finance Canada Site… Ottawa, March 29, 2010 2010-025 The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today introduced the Jobs and Economic Growth Act in the House of Commons. This legislation includes key elements of Budget 2010. “Our government is moving to implement the remaining stimulus measures from Canada’s Economic Action Plan to help secure our country’s economic recovery, encourage growth and create jobs,” said Minister Flaherty. “This legislation contains measures that restrain and focus spending, create a more competitive environment for business, and help ensure tax fairness for Canadian families.” [More]
What are they, how do 17 apr 2010 bookkeeping is an integral part of accounting, and thus, it prepares explanation differences between accountants bookkeepers the tasks that vary businesses. What’s the difference between accounting and bookkeeping how is different from accounting? Simple studies. The difference between bookkeeping and accounting. Difference between bookkeeping and accounting (with comparison keydifferences difference. Differences between bookkeepers and accountants difference bookkeeping accounting. Differences between accounting & bookkeeping difference and (with comparison what is the similarities differences bookkeepers accountants bench. Difference between bookkeeping vs accounting youtube. What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting? The accounting oxbridge [More]
Accounting, Bookkeeping, Molino, Florida, 32577, Bookkeeper, FL Sandy Glass – Glass Accounting Solutions, LLC Glass Accounting Solutions, LLC is a company that maintains financial records for businesses. Specifically, it supports businesses by offering accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll including Federal, State and local tax submission, bank statement reconciliation, Sales & Use Tax submission, and report preparation such as Income Statements or Profit & Loss Statements, Balance, Sheet, Statement of Cash Flow and Payroll statements monthly and quarterly. You deserve to have the financial pressure of accounting and bookkeeping off of you while enjoying your business and growing it into a [More]
im just providing a couple of facts about the irs
What are the differences between bookkeeping and accounting? In short, bookkeeping records the events that had happened, while accounting is part of the process to create events. Check this details for more examples and elaborations! 🔺Quick Timestamp 🔺 Bookkeeping v.s Accounting 0:25 What do bookkeepers do? It a data entry work to record events in your ledger. – 0:55 What do accountants do? Accountant is part of the process to create events e.g Sending invoice, collecting payments, make sure the process function well – 01:30 What do senior accountants/controllers do? Hold you accountable for your task and priority Provide advice [More]
People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience graphic designer salaries toronto, on, canada. How much salary are top graphic designers getting these days designer jobs in canada canadian income tax for freelancers the balance. Salary survey in canada graphic designergraphic designer salary and career outlook junior neuvoo. How much does a graphic designer make in toronto, on? The average salary for per year. 30 salaries how much does a graphic designer make in toronto, on? Per year. In some industries, people get paid better for doing the same job. Since 1960, the gdc has been [More]
The following is now available on the CRA Web site: News release A New GST/HST Processing System Ottawa, Ontario, May 16, 2007… The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has redesigned its internal GST/HST processing by putting a new system into operation. The new system enables the CRA to modernize its business processes, expand its services to businesses, and improve compliance. In addition, these improvements build on the shared commitment between National Revenue Minister Carol Skelton and the CRA to reduce the compliance and paperwork burden for Canada’s small businesses as outlined in the recent report from the Action Task Force on [More]
I touched on this topic last month about this product and it was selling for $299 USD. I just received an email announcing their “July 4th” Promotion – purchase this product before July 4, 2008 and you receive a $100.00 discount and the price is $199.00 USD! Just click the ad below .. and you will be transported to their site. Note: This is an affiliate commission link – I do earn a small commission on referral sales.
http://www.painlessfinancialtraininggroup.ca/ For the 2017 filing season, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is providing a new service. It is called express Notice of Assessment (NOA). This is a document that you receive from CRA once your return has been filed. In the past it has arrived in the mail, a few weeks after your return was accepted. This year the NOA will be available in your tax software immediately after you file and will not be mailed to you. To use the Express NOA service you must be registered with My Account, be registered for online mail and be using Netfile – [More]
In response to early October test results indicating the possible presence of Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) in northern Alberta, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) launched an investigation to confirm the presence of this pest and the extent of its possible distribution. The investigation, which includes extensive soil sampling and testing, continues and has not yet confirmed the presence of PCN in the area.
Quebec export growth is forecast to grow by estimated 2.7 per cent this year before receding by 1.4 per cent in 2008 as a result of a weakening global economy, according to a provincial export outlook by Export Development Canada (EDC).
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In case you were unaware, the Prescribed Interest Rates remained unchanged from last quarter (Q4-2009). The following is now available on the CRA Web site: News Release: Ottawa, Ontario, December 3, 2009 … The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) today announced the prescribed annual interest rates that will apply to any amounts owed to the CRA and to any amounts the CRA owes to individuals and corporations. These rates are calculated quarterly in accordance with applicable legislation and will be in effect from January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010. Income tax * The interest rate charged on overdue taxes, Canada [More]
From: (FinanceCanadaAlert_AlerteFinancesCanada@smtp.fin.gc.ca) Subject: New Finance Canada document notification The following Government of Canada Securities has just been posted on the Finance Canada Site: Government of Canada Securities – October 2006 http://www.fin.gc.ca/gocsec/2006-10_e.html French Version Hmm .. some neat stuff in here! like .. * Annualized growth rates (per cent) * Real gross domestic product * Final domestic demand * Employment growth * Unemployment rate * Current account balance (percentage of GDP) Plus a bunch of other obsure graphics and charts.
This is the video recording of a presentation that attorney David S. Banas (Hickman & Lowder) gave at the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Watch to learn more about benefit basics, common pitfalls in planning, and estate planning tools.
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As part of a continuing series, this details Canada’s Department of Justice collusion with Canada Revenue Agency tax scandal involving approx 3000 Canadians that were either defrauded or in process of being defrauded by their combined efforts. This is NOT in the news and these agencies have been trying to hush this up since 2012. Many families have been destroyed in what some are calling CRA TAX TERRORISM tactics. The monies being stolen from victims is NOT even going into the Tax Fund, but into a private prizes and awards fund for private use by CRA agents and other cronies. [More]
Solutions & More is Kissimmee provides individuals and businesses sound tax advice and courteous service. Our mission is to get you the biggest refund or save you money finding tax breaks that may have gone unnoticed. Our full service tax preparation service provides an easy E-File so that you can get your tax return in a timely manner. We utilize QuickBooks Pro for all small business clients.
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Well .. the Winnipeg Free Press Strike is over. My wife just told me on IM that it was really nice to be able to read it again … (she takes it to work in the mornings and reads it on her breaks). Me? I work at home on the computer all the time, usually with the TV on and didn’t really miss anything, as I either don’t care about the news or get it through other means (email, google alerts, CBC & CTV twitter alerts, etc etc etc). We’re glad to be back Updated: October 30 at 02:50 AM [More]
Debits go by the window. FASB 967 disclosures not included except if paragraph 1.b.D.341 applies, except when the disclosures are included. Accountants are not funny ! Period. Music Credit: “I Will” written by Joe Hamilton, and performed by None More One.
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