From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 40 Silly things reign supreme. We did “Silly songs” once, but this week I’m doing a twist on it. Top 5 Silly Song Titles And if you’re feeling frisky a bonus: Top 5 Silly Album Titles I have lots of crazy and silly songs! I could have filled this list twice .. and still be in the “A”‘ section… but, that would include stuff like .. Arrogant Worms (Kill the Dog Next Door) and stuff like that … So, I thought I would keep it light and funny .. and less [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 6OCT05 CURRENT Theme is “GOLDEN” (gold/golden or yellow things, harvest, autumn, prosperous, advantageous, fortunate, coins, bananas, corn, canaries,…) The only ‘Golden’ picture I could think of, was a picture of my wife on our Wedding Day .. BEFORE the ceremony .. not this one (while she was weighing the pros and cons to go through with the wedding) but THIS ONE! (after deciding to go through with the wedding!) …. The “Golden” being her Medieval Wedding Costume that is. So, this is the picture I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. borrowed [More]
Everytime I have created a new blog, I include a counter at the bottom of the page. There are a lot of free counters out there, but I chose to use free statistic for some apparent reason at the time, when I created my first blog and needed a counter. I am able to keep all new ‘Projects’, as they call them’ with one easy log-in so I have continued to keep adding new projects for new blogs and staying with … By the way, all the numbers at the bottom of the page are by “Page Count”, [More]
I found this site through my brother-in-law WARREN, who will also be ‘Ranting and Raving’ on my .. call HART crazy .. blog It’s interesting. MADDOX: THE BEST PAGE IN THE UNIVERSE *WARNING* There may be some language issues, before you click on the above or below links ….. (disclaimer).. The article is called … If These Words Were People, I would Embrace Their Genocide In this article you will find Maddox’s definitions for words such as … blog, blogger, blogging, blogged, blogosphere, blogomania, blogroll, blogshare, blogstorm, blog swarm, blogging community, blawg, blogumentary, blogebrity, photoblog, podcast, podcasting, podcatcher, warblog, warblogger, [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 39 Top Five “Acoustic” songs Because I was married in a Medieval Themed Style Wedding, I can say that I have almost 200 different classical and acoustic songs either with guitar or strings only, or is medieval or a renaissance styled song .. but, I only included one (#4) into my “Top Five” – so I don’t bore you with them! 1) BEATLES (George Harrison) – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – Acoustic solo 2) DAVE MATTHEWS BAND (Blind Melon Cover) – “No Rain” – Live Acoustic 3) FLEETWOOD MAC (Lindsay [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 29SEP05 CURRENT Theme is “BEAUTIFUL” (Picturesque, Attractive, Pretty, Harmonious, Beautiful Soul, Graceful, Exquisite, Ideal, Healthy,…) This is the picture I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. It’s actually a screen capture of the .pps “Power Point Slideshow” link indicated below. I think it is breathtaking. The Millau Viaduct Paris – Barcelona Some Facts: Under Construction is the highest bridge in the world. This bridge will be part of the A75 to link Paris with Barcelona. This suspension bridge has a total length of 2.5 km and crossed the Tarn River. It is [More]
I charge my time out by the hour. That translates to every 6 minutes counting as 0.1 hr that I can bill out. If you also bill out your time on an hourly basis, instead of a fee-basis, you probably have some system in place to keep track of your time. It’s so easy to get caught up in other matters these days … especially with the Internet, blogging, family life, pets, good weather, and so on and so on. We expect payment for our services and it’s only fair that our clients pay us what we bill them on [More]
I have added (yet) another blog to my growing list of blog projects! Oh cool .. “blog projects” .. that sounds important! NEW BLOG: call HART crazy So .. here is a recap of them all and the links … Please feel free to check them out .. and at the least, please feel free to add my RSS Feeds to your Bloglines. You can keep up to date with all of my ramblings .. and, my “feed counter” will become bigger! HART likes bigger things. They’re better. Take care. HART HART’s Blogs call HART crazy It’s really that [More]
I have created another blog today, at the following URL address: About Papillons .. The Dog Breed … Not The ‘Steve McQueen Movie’ … Because I already have another ‘Pet-Related’ blog … – [The Blog] .. which is filled with tons of tips and other good stuff .. I want this new blog to be strictly a photoblog about Papillon dogs. So, if you have any PAPILLON picture floating around on your computer, please EMAIL it to me with a CAPTION. You can send it to with a subject line “Please add my Papillon to your Blog”. [More]
IF YOU ARE BORED … GIVE THESE AMUSING WEBSITES A LOOK Added: September 23, 2005 Lite Brite – The Online Version Original Post: July 22, 2005 – Bite Sized Entertainment – .swf in HART’s Email – .pps in HART’s Email – Timeline + 25 – Submit your prediction for the next 25 years – Official Site – Are You Younger Than You Think? – The Comic Strip! – Institute for Interactive Research – Internet Radio 24 hours – The Witty Answering Machine Message List – Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 38 Top 5 “Fall” songs (As always interpret as you see fit) I have removed last week’s selections from my server, and have uploaded these new selections. These new ones will be deleted next Friday. I have also added a link to the lyrics this week, plus a link to in case you want to buy the album the song is on. Enjoy! ~ (no, they do not have virus and are clean.. promise!) 1) Buddy Holly – “It’s So Easy (To Fall In Love)” – (The Buddy Holly Collection) [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 22SEP05 CURRENT Theme is “FURNITURE” (Appliance, Bed, Bookcase, Cabinet, Chair, Chest, Commode, Couch, Cupboard, Desk, Dresser, Sofa, Stool, Stove, Table,…) These are the pictures I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. I know it’s more than one picture, but it’s of the same item. I built these “chair backers” that fit over regular chairs, for our Medieval Wedding’s Head Table. Our guests were quite impressed how it looked. I still have them in my basement, contemplating whether I should (a) Sell them (b) Rent them out, or (c) Make a great Headboard [More]
November 20, 2007 All New Powerpoint Slideshows will now be updated on its own page: Added November 19, 2007 Added May 28, 2007 Added May 18, 2007 Added March 5, 2007 Added February 7, 2007 Added January 17, 2007 Added December 12, 2006 Added December 8, 2006 Added November 30, 2006 Added September 25, 2006 Added August 15, 2006 Added July 13, 2006 Added June 2, 2006 Added May 2, 2006 Added March 17, 2006 [More]
Electrical Storm taken over Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada UPDATE: IMAGE REMOVED OCTOBER 18, 2007
I have created a new blog … called “Corydon Clock” My Father-in-Law is “Corydon Clock Repair”. He recently moved last year into a new location, and signed a lease for another 3 or 5 years! He is a clockmaker and quite a good one. He is very talented and can repair practically any antique clock that has been built. I registered his domain and created a simple website, at … He turns 71 years old this Thursday. At the turn of the new millenium, my wife and I had something very much in common. Our fathers were both self-employed [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 37 Top Five Questioning Songs (As always I give you the option of using songs with the word Question in the title or songs that ask questions…it’s your choice) Last week I included the .mp3’s for you to dowload. This week, I thought I would do the same, however I have removed last week’s selections from my server. The ones below will be deleted next Friday. Enjoy! ~ (no, they do not have virus and are clean.. promise!) 1) Fishbone – “A Question of Life” – (Truth and Soul) 2) Jesus [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 15SEP05 CURRENT Theme is “PARKS” (Wilderness, Lakes, Ocean, Mountains, Wildlife, Tents, Cabins, Backpacking, Picnic Tables, Campfires,…) This is a picture I submitted to this week’s Thursday Challenge .. We visited DisneyLand (that’s a Theme Park, right?) back in January 2002 and this was one of those “Kodak” moments that the Space Mountain facility automatically takes your picture at a vulnerable spot, in hoping to get a great picture and entice you to buy it. When we exited this ride, I saw the digital image on a screen and just KNEW I had to [More]
(singing) Do you wish me a Merry Christmas .. Do you wish me a Merry Christmas .. Do you wish me a Merry .. Portable cell numbers two years away By CATHERINE MCLEAN Monday, September 12, 2005 Updated at 4:05 PM EDT Globe and Mail Update Wireless customers will have to wait two years to gain the right to keep their phone numbers when they switch to a new carrier. The wireless industry today unveiled its long-awaited plan to introduce portable wireless numbers in Canada. A pilot trial is scheduled for mid-2007, with national availability in September, 2007. Yada Yada [More]
Please refer to my blog entry today called Some WordPress Considerations. I had decided to include additional information about my blogging habits, that I thought I would repost here. Take care HART ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you still reading this? Okay! Then, you probably know something about blogging and WordPress template programs, and are not too upset of this deviation from Pet Lover articles. For that reason, I thought I would post a few things that may be of interest to you, if you blog and if you use WordPress. Plug-ins that – [The Blog] is using (or at least [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 36 Top 5 “Medical” Songs (These can have anything to do with the medical profession, doctors, drugs, ailments) Last week I included the sheet music words for my selections. This week, I thought I would toss up these .mp3 selections onto my server. I have replaced the spaces with dashes to make it easier for upload and play. Feel free to remove them and edit them the way you like. We’ll see how it goes, bandwidth-wise .. but they will probably be listed only up until next Meme Friday… If someone [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 08SEP05 CURRENT Theme is “COMMUNICATION” (Telephone, Pager, Fax, Email, Internet, Letters, Sign Language, Sky Writing, Billboards, Interpersonal,…) This is a picture I submitted to the Thursday Challenge .. I did not take it, and it was forwarded to me probably years ago! It currently resides in my PetLvr Photo Gallery (link below) You can see this picture plus a variety of other pictures in either of my two online photo galleries:
This is a follow-up to my previous post, at titled “Do You Have A Start Page?”… As I mentioned earlier, I use as my Start Page. For my blogging activities, I prefer to catch up on other great blogs and news sites (if I can) by using the online site. This site is where I organize all the topics and informational sites that I read daily to keep current in the world news, the world of blogging, and the world within my profession. My bloglines is quite organized. I keep RSS feeds by folder and/or by topic [More]
I was visiting my folks the other day, and popped in to see my dad on the computer. He is not that computer literate, although as a Chartered Accountant he has used many computer programs over the years. His sight isn’t that great anymore, and in fact he is blind in one eye. I absolutely hate watching him on the computer, because he has his screen setting to 800 x 600, and his appearance settings to extra large font. Grrr! You can only see half the world Dad. Even though he has to scroll right to see the rest of [More]
I forwarded my new blog and RSS Feed to a friend today, and he asked me what RSS was. I thought ….. “Doesn’t everybody know about this yet?“.. so, I wrote an entry about it … here … The nice thing about bookmarks, is that in your browser .. if you like my site or any other site, all you have to do is CTRL-B or ADD BOOKMARK .. and then when you want to visit me, you can just search your bookmarks and point and click a URL link, without ever having to type it. The world is [More]
If you are reading this in my archives, or are a First-Time reader of 1-800-HART … then, you may as well just skip ahead to the next post. None of this will make sense to you. I started blogging on May 31, 2005 and have been using Sometime inbetween then and now, I have been in the process of converting my own websites into a blog, and moving all of the content and information from my “” domains to my own domains. Included in this bunch of blogs was one I created called “HART’s Picks”. HART’s Picks .. is [More]
Yes .. I’m still here too. I’ve been focusing my ‘blogging’ efforts on our personal website/blog .. Yvonne used to have her own webpage, and years and years ago – I managed to save a copy on my old server, before we ‘merged’ accounts. There is one section that I have been trying to get to work in my WordPress blog, her puzzle page. To Play: This is a swap style puzzle. Just click on a tile, it’ll be highlighted, click on another tile … the 2 pieces will swap locations. The puzzle will tell you when you’ve finished! [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 35 Top Five Protest Songs In no particular order. These are all songs that I have in my collection, but I scoured the internet and included their Lyrics below each selection this time … So, if you have the .mp3’s .. you can sing along! 1) Frank Zappa – “I’m The Slime” by Frank Zappa I am gross and perverted I’m obsessed ‘n deranged I have existed for years But very little had changed I am the tool of the Government And industry too For I am destined to rule And [More]
From: Thursday Challenge NOW POSTING for 01SEP05 CURRENT Theme is “MY FAVORITE” (Any photo that you have taken in the last year that you especially like or that is especially meaningful to you) I submitted the picture below of our two Papillon dogs Maxxie and Sophie. I thought it was a nice picture of the two of them lying together, so last christmas season .. I loaded the picture up into my Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and added the X-MAS hats and a nice X-MAS Tree and Seasons Greetings Wish. If you go to the start page of my [More]
Well, I updated our Wedding Blog last night to catch up on our progress on the Weight Watcher’s plan. Since May 21, 2005 here are the results: [Well you will have to go to our site to see how we’re doing…] Click here to go to site PS: I switched to a nice WordPress template .. It’s not as colorful as the other one, but it seems to be nice and readable. Feel free to go look and see pictures of our Medieval Wedding on August 31, 2002 (it was our 3rd anniversary yesterday!). I have over 900 pictures [More]
Some accounting packages and software are integrated with different modules, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable. In most cases, you should be able to record most of your cheque (accounts payable and bank cheque) transactions as well as your sales (accounts receivable and deposit) transactions. In any monthly accounting process, besides these screen oriented and often visual modules, you will have to make adjusting journal entries on occasion. When I prepare year end financial statements for my clients, I usually receive the information in two different ways: in a shoebox – where I get all of the information and [More]
I print my own business cards. Years ago, I had created my own business card on Microsoft Publisher. I have been involved in many conversations, maybe even borderline arguments! regarding whether or not I should be just ordering professionally printed business cards, or continue to print them myself. I now print them on Avery InkJet #38873 “Clean Edge Linen Textured Business Cards” (white stock). On the Avery website, you can even download pre-designed templates and create from the MS Word software. Anyway, I think I’m saving money because I’m only printing 30-50 cards at a time when I need new [More]
From: blogsite: Random 10 – Week 19 10 songs that sum up your weekend…or were on your weekend playlist…and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did) I have no songs that sum up my weekend, but I have been up early and listening to my MUSICMATCH library of over 3,200 songs (mp3, wma, wmv, etc) on shuffle play. Believe it or not .. these were the first 10 songs that came up this morning…. I stopped listening at #23 when it started hitting the weird [More]
From: blogsite: Top Five On Friday – Week 34 Top five “Peace”ful songs. (Interpret as you like) In Alphabetical Order … (I’ve added links to Amazon – if curious.. they have links to play samplings of song) 1) Black Sabbath – “War Pigs” 2) Boston – “Peace of Mind” 3) The Cars – “Let The Good Times Roll” 4) Trans Siberian Orchestra – “Carol of the Bells” 5) Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People”