It’s been almost a full month using Internet Explorer version 7 … I mentioned on February 24th that I decided to upgrade to the newer version … HERE I’ve been getting this message occassionally .. rather than just waiting until the connection catches up to the clicking (I probably have to do a spyware removal task) .. it’s an extra step to click “RETRY” and continue Other than the above, I thought FOR SURE I would have tons of screen images and problems that I would capture and let the whole entire world know ! ! But – it didn’t [More]
I posted a complete list of prime rates that I had been keeping on my local computer, since January 7, 1986 .. current up to December 7, 2005 .. at the URL .. HERE I would like to thank Tony C. from Montréal, Qué. who sent me the following email March 21, 2006: Hi , I found your excel spreadsheet about Royal Bank prime rates very useful today. But I needed since 1974. So I called Royal bank and got the missing information over the phone, and I would like to share this with you because you shared with us. [More]
I’m so sad. I’ve been using a “To Do” software program for almost a decade… That’s right .. a decade! Well, almost a decade .. on the anniversary of the 9th year, it died on me. Go Figure (a decade sounded better, but it was 8 full years, plus Day 1 of the 9th year actually) The error message says something like this .. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program: C:Program Filesetc etc This Application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the spplication’s support team for more information. Naturally, I can’t do that [More]
I’ve added a few more .pps to my Powerpoint entry .. HERE I was going to just bump the entry and redate it to the current time and date, but I know some people have that link bookmarked … and doing so would change the URL and permalink. I believe, however, if you are subscribed to my RSS feed .. especially if you are using Bloglines, you would have noticed me saving the file and receive notice of the updated blog entry with the new additions (and this post would not have been necessary). Enjoy!
Here’s a good site to check the validity of Canadian charitable donations made during the year, directly on the Canada Revenue Agency website … This site is handy for me checking to see if charities are legit or not. A client insisted that a charitable contribution was made during 2005. After looking at the receipt, I informed my client that it was not an official charitible donation, that although in the good of their hearts the receipt does show a generous contribution made to a company, and it was described as a “donation” .. there was no registered charity [More]
From personal experience, I’m sure Tara Birtwhistle and Johnny Wright are quite relieved to here about this! My own 2000, 2001 and 2002 income tax returns were amended from an initial audit where I, as an independent contractor, was deemed to be an employee of a company. What this meant to the company was a whole bunch of “employer share” of payroll deductions were being requested. What this meant to ME .. was that being deemed as an employee, all of a sudden my operating business that I had operating since 1991 became non-existent – all my deductions were ignored. [More]
Should I change my picture in the sidebar? PICTURE (1) This is the picture that is currently there PICTURE (2)(3) This the picture embedded in my masthead title picture (both side views) PICTURE (4) I was fidgeting with the the picture in the sidebar PICTURE (5) This is the Picture that I first started to desecrate What’s your favorite? Let me know in your comments … also – should I bother switching at all? Ok. This is the thing. My picture in the sidebar was recovered from the last picture #5 with the HART sketched into my forehead .. I [More]
It’s tax time here and I have many ways to keep track of clients who come in and bring me their records and income tax information. I have to … I do a lot of Income Tax Preparation during the months of March and April and well, actually all the way through until June 15th – which in Canada, is the deadline for individuals with business income. When I meet with a client, I try to take notes. For every client or group of clients (e.g. for head of house only) I start a new “T1-Transit Mem0”. This is my [More]
The following is now available on the CRA Web site: Canada Revenue Agency interest rates for the second calendar quarter Ottawa, March 3, 2006… The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) today announced the prescribed annual interest rates that will apply to any amounts owed to the CRA and to any amounts the CRA owes to individuals and corporations. These rates are calculated quarterly in accordance with applicable legislation and will be in effect from April 1, 2006, to June 30, 2006. Income tax * The interest rate charged on overdue taxes, Canada Pension Plan contributions, and Employment Insurance Premiums will be [More]
Subject: Income Tax Technical Publications IT-337R4 (Consolidated) – Retiring Allowances is now available on the CRA Website at the following address:
OH, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that. Homer Simpson Nothing of interest in this post. I just happened to use the above quote in real life .. I was quite proud of myself!
It seems to fall upon myself to try and define three little letters S, O, and B … Being the accountant that I am – I would think that these initials represent the abbreviation for SET-OF-BOOKS .. because, as you know – that’s what accountants do … they work with a set of books and prepare financial statements and file income tax returns from that. But – I thought I would be doubly sure and search for more S.O.B. references WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF S.O.B. S.O.B. – shortness of breath: a dyspneic condition S.O.B. – in common parlance, a [More]
I just downloaded Internet Explorer Version 7 Beta 2 browser … Why? Because I prefer Internet Explorer over Firefox. Quite Frankly .. I have been giving Firefox a try because I do use it .. because of one extension. Lately, I’ve been getting these gawdamnit reminder messages to upgrade to the newer version, and it also tells me that my extension will not work with the newer version. That wasn’t the only reason I hate firefox with a passion .. Why does it seem to think it knows what I want cut or paste or hilited? It gets tiresome UNDO’ing [More]
September 22, 2005 egads… launched August 18, 2005 made $76,000 in 30 days. selling 1 pixel for $1 usd but, you have to buy it in $100 lots. That was an email that I sent my wife .. amazed that Brit ALEX TEW came up with an ingenious way to make money online .. and when I first heard about this. If you haven’t heard the story, you can either visit Alex’s website and blog or, even read up about in in wikipedia over HERE. By January 11, 2006 the final tally was $1,037,100 USD .. in 146 days [More]
I was standing over the shoulder watching somebody add up some sport statistics … and I said … “Don’t forget to Cross-Foot it!” He looked at me like I was nuts .. It was then that I remembered that not everybody is familiar with HART’s Tickmark Terminology (okay .. did you look? That phrase is not part of ~ YET ~ but one day! Some day! lol) To familiarize yourself with HART’s Tickmark Terminology, I have replicated my favorite tickmarks and scanned them and provided a little example how I would use that tickmark. Now, I will elaborate further [More]
In my travels, I have worked with many individuals, such as students and associates in public practice, clients and ex-clients over the years, and well .. even in general – ones who can pass a test, get an A+ on exams, have respectable degrees, high paying jobs, a lot of respect in the community .. yet – they can’t reconcile the bank. I’ve discussed earlier about the concept of reconciliation .. which just goes to show that identifying the transactions is not the end-all process in reconciling your cheque book … This happens when you will find that generally, in [More]
Oh .. this was an interesting “Heads Up” from the Blog… … before you go break out the plastic have a look at the Fontifier website which produces a TrueType font from a sample of your handwriting. If you like what you see you can download the font onto your PC for the very reasonable sum of just $9.00. The only proviso is that you need a printer and a scanner but the process is very simple. Just download and print out the template sheet, fill it out, scan it and send it back and the free sample is [More]
Top Five Reasons Why A Business Might Want To Use A Petty Cash Fund 1) The owner does not have to be available 24 hours to write a cheque for every little expense all of the time 2) To have the ability to make change for your customer wanting to pay an invoice on account 3) To reimburse an employee replenishing office supplies they had purchased for the business 4) To systematically keep track of all cash purchases in one logical place 5) To give an employee greater responsibility in helping running the affairs of the business Top Five Reasons [More]
What Accounting Software Do You Use? (feel free to add your Specific Version that you use) I thought I would see what types of accounting systems you are using out there in the real world. I have suggested a dozen choices, if you do not know the specific version .. but I would be interested if you could click on the “Add An Answer” and let me know exactly what software and version you are using. Thanks!
In the past year I have been engaged to do monthly accounting and bookkeeping for several clients. Although my rates are higher than a normal part-time bookkeeper that a company may hire, sometimes it makes sense to hire your accountant do also perform interim financial statements. Because I am familiar with the work and detail needed when comes time to perform the Year End Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns, it is “BETTER” and “EASIER” getting information while it is fresh in everybody’s head. Overall, professional fees for the year might be a little highe, but some clients can appreciate [More]
Default Block GateCrasher Trojan Horse I’m not sure what that is, although my Norton AntiVirus picked up an error message today. Well .. there it was … the I.P. address in plain view .. so I checked it against the Map… So, I have to do some more research on this matter, but until I do (and if I’m wrong – well, sorry about that!) but.. SCREW YOU Internet Services, Inc. of Dallas Texas for letting IP do (insert “whatever they were trying to do” here)
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia describes social bookmarking as: an activity performed over a computer network that allows users to save and categorize (see folksonomy) a personal collection of bookmarks and share them. The use of social bookmarking is growing in popularity. This new part of the web started around late 2003, when was launched. It quickly gained popularity, and as many similar services appeared online, tagging became widespread in some other online services. Yahoo agressively persued the trend, launching My Web 2.0 in mid 2005, and aquiring on December 9 of the same year. Thanks in part to [More]
Taxpayer Alert – You do not have to pay taxes or fees to the CRA on lottery or sweepstakes winnings! The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning the public to beware of an email scam in which individuals are informed that they have won a large sum of money in a lottery or sweepstakes, usually from a foreign country. There are many versions of the scam, but the general concept remains the same: The victim receives an unsolicited email or regular mail from a legitimate-sounding financial institution claiming it has a bank draft from a foreign sweepstakes company that is [More]
Wow. I know. 2 Votes – one of them was mine .. 1-800-HART Poll #2 .. after 10 days .. So, SCRAP that lousy 1-800-HART Poll #1 … I’m not going to even wait until the month is over!! Down with the old garbage and up with the new 1-800-HART Poll #2 1-800-HART Poll #2 – Are you going to vote? I’ve ranted a little about this election, but Warren’s Rant is much better.
As an employer, you have to remit employer payroll deductions (usually) every month by the 15th of the following month. Payroll deductions include the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, the Employment Insurance (EI) Premiums, and the Income Tax deduction for the employee, plus the employer’s share of the CPP Contributions (employee’s CPP x 1) plus the employer’s share of the EI premimums (employee’s EI x 1.4). The deadline for December 2005 payroll deductions to be remitted to Canada Revenue Agency is Monday January 16, 2006 .. because the 15th is a Sunday, they move it forward one day. So, if [More]
Well, not on this blog .. sorry .. utoh .. are you experiencing problems with this blog too?? I hope not .. I have moved 5 blogs now from my provider host #2 to my provider host #3. I think I can safely document the details of how I accomplished this. I did not take any screen capture pictures, and there is no audio or video accompaniment to this blog entry. Blogs that were moved were as follows: I moved from a regular account at to a reseller account at … WARNING: These [More]
You Know Your Blog Sucks When … You put up a Poll on Friday afternoon and when you look again Monday Morning – there is only 1 vote entered – your own 🙁 So .. it’s not looking too good for weekly or monthly polls on this site .. Oh Well … Maybe I should do a less complicated POLL in this entry … you can just reply in the comments to pick the one you choose .. As Seen on the Comedy T.V. show .. CORNER GAS …. BETTY OR VERONICA
While I am very ‘computerized’ in my own business, I still type invoices manually on MS Word, even though I can generate them automatically. I prefer to do that this way, because my invoices look better printed on a colour letterhead of my own making. I then post the invoice into my Time and Billing (T&B) Software program, which keeps track of both my work in progress and accounts receivable. I don’t bother entering my invoices individually into my General Ledger program (which, I usually wait until the last possible minute during Income Tax time – “clients first”), but rather [More]
Today is one of those days … I’m expecting a courier delivery from a client today. It’s a box of my client’s Year-End records that I need and will be working on this weekend. I was asked Wednesday afternoon what day would be a good day to send the box, so I will be at home to receive it. I suggested Friday as I had no plans for the day, but just in case – call me before the courier is sent to be sure that I am home. Well, this morning I had an early meeting with another client, [More]
If you don’t know what “PHISHING” is … click on this link for more information, and to read the rest of the article in the box… Phishing From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This phishing attempt, disguised as an official email from a bank, attempts to trick the bank’s members into giving away their account information by “confirming” it at the phisher’s linked website.In computing, phishing is a form of social engineering, characterised by attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, [More]
It seems like “Poll”s are quite popular around the internet and blogging community, so with the wordpress plugin called Democracy I have added 1-800-HART polls in the sidebar today. I was going to ask everybody how the year 2005 went for you … being that I am an accountant and we generally tend to focus on past results … but I think I want to know how everybody feels about 2006 … 1-800-HART “POLL” Number 2006-#1 HOW WILL 2006 BE FOR YOU? I’ve left this poll for you to be able to add your own answers to this poll, if [More]
Subject: CRA Electronic mailing list service January goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit payments Ottawa, January 5, 2006… The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is issuing the January goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit payments today. Individuals who have their GST/HST credit payments deposited directly into their accounts at their financial institutions can expect to receive their payments today. Individuals who receive their GST/HST credit cheques by mail can expect to receive them within the next 10 working days. If they have not received their cheques by January 19, they should contact the GST/HST Credit Enquiries service [More]
Remember “Records” .. and “Record Players” ? Music is my life. I enjoy music. I play music. I listen to music. I collect music. I need music! Life changed for me, slightly, when I got married. I am the type of person that can fall asleep to music, and enjoyed falling asleep to music. My wife, on the other hand, can NOT fall asleep to music, but can fall asleep to the television. Me, on the third hand, have always been a couch potato, so I can’t fall asleep watching T.V. because, no matter how bad the show is – [More]